Who We Are 

I love life! I love connecting people and I always nurtured great interest in matters related to consciousness, neuroplasticity, somatics and rapport building. Making conscious lifestyles choices and helping people help themselves into doing the same keep me busy.  Holistic arts and yoga keep me quite involved on this path as I created Ubuntu 4 Change as a growing edge of Healing Mudras a studio I had first established in Lao PDR. Daily commitments to offer  a serene conscious space to connect, share and expand include Yoga sessions, Kids Yoga, Energetic Treatments and Courses, Life Coaching and personalised yoga and coaching sessions. ! I experience a great contentment in coaching people who are willing to set fabulous goals for themselves, grow and expand their talents to the Universe!  

In October 2014, my life, studio and plans were earth-shattered with the sudden departure of my only young child. Since then I have embarked on what I came to call the Solo Mama Yogi Coach Journey. I am not physically based at the Studio established, and I travel where my heart takes me. All my activities are location -free and I remain engaged in my vision to help people help themselves.

Ubuntu 4 Change: The Initiative

At first there was Healing Mudras, to source f rom which evertyhing emerged.  Then came Ubuntu 4 Change. Both studios set in two completely different parts of the world stem from a very busy life-path and a journey with many challenges and one constant Vision "It is possible to Bring Positivity and Well-Being to All " . Indeed we believe eradicating Negativity is as important as eradicating poverty and harmful practices.


It is fairly easy to have a vision. At last for us, since early childhood we visualised our dreams, our wishes and the type of life we wanted to roam around. Life has taken us in vast travels in over 70 countries in four continents. What we witnessed is great diversity as well as numerous similarities.

We moved from one place to another with great ease, a sense of belonging always inhabited us, consciousness of being at the right place and the right moment always with us as an ally. We never felt disconnected. This is a strength however difficult it may be at some times to remain positive.

In a world like ours where chaos seems to be a mainstream news, we are able to uncover strength, seeds of new vision for a better life. It will take some time to adapt and shift into new paradigms . However certainly for us we are optimistic.

Our vision in terms of the social responsibility is about contributing to well being, wellness from within, enhanced body-mind connection through services ranging from Yoga, Holistic Healing Therapies, Holistic Arts such as Sound Healing, Contact Improvisation, Dance, Yoga,  and many more and bring it to those who don't yet use it at its full potential. With the strong believe that anyone of us has the power from within to grow Happy and Build Happy Communities Relying on their own strength and engaging as peers with other communities we bring Healing As a Personal Growth Journey.  We aim at creating a larger hub, a flow of consciousness where multi-disciplinary holistic arts will create a junction. a meeting point. A dynamic blending of stories, people, movements, food, music, permaculture and happiness.

We firmly believe this is possible, and needed because within chaos lies the seed of opportunity!

Our energy field is unified. We support the Global Coherence Initiative since 2009.

Here a short video on its ground breaking research.