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Reiki treatments generate well-being at various levels. Reiki is a soft energy therapy allowing one by one the layers of the physical, emotional, ehterical and spiritual body to find there own harmony. Un-wellness is not a state rather a tempoary process of un-balance while well-being is a state  of complete holitstic harmony of body, mind, spirit and universe connection. Receiving a Reiki treatment is a way to ask the body to heal itself . It starts from within and expands to all layers of the physical, emotional, spiritual body.

Isabella is Usui Reiki Ryoho Natural Healing Reiki Master and a Registrered Karuna Reiki ® Master from the International Center of Reiki Training ( Hawai'i, Michigan, USA) . We offer prime quality treatements using tools and techniques recognised by 6th generation Reiki Master. A treatment lasts up to 90 minutes. We use 7 metals original Nepalese Singing Bowl to harmonise the body's aura with the electromagnetic vibration of the Earth and induce an instantenous state of relaxation which facilitates the treatment.

Isabella is specialisedin:
  • Teaching Reiki to all Levels of Practice including ReikiTeachers
  • One-on-one personal development sessions
  • Reiki treatments
Feedback from some of our Clients or Students: 

 A Japanese Reiki II student in one of my classes offered me the most humble gratification with this story. During the Reiki class she always had a Japanese book next to her. When I finally dared to ask her the topic of the book and why she keeps it close to her during the classes, her answer was: This is famous Reiki Master's book, Hiroshi Doi, and it is about Reiki. Since yesterday I wanted to tell you that everything you tell us is in my book! [No comment]

Another student Valerie, travelled from South Asia directly to Laos to undertake a Reiki Class with her. She left with a sense of having a replenished tool box now available to her in any situations plus a sense of peace inhabiting her!.

On Absent healing, Jane with whom I worked 6 months, says that they are very useful. She adds, that she loved the gifts of healing she received from Healing Mudras and many more that you will find of interest. Jane Jacobs - Haiti, Humanitarian Worker

 Learn Reiki - Courses by Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki translates as Universal Energy and the Reiki system provides structured development in the healing arts. Usui Ryoho Reiki means that practitioners use channeled energy for the purpose of healing. Everyone can learn Reiki, the methodology is simple and the healing ability is facilitated with an attunement. Reiki Certification Workshops are gate openers for a deep understanding of Natural Healing and subtle energy channeling. There are 3 main levels in learning the Reiki System, each level with its own protocols, psychic development and intuitive skills. All levels are stamped with International Certification. Reiki I is an introduction to the world of Reiki Natural Healing System. Students receive four Reiki attunements and learn the steps necessary to give a safe, structured and effective healing. Reiki II allows work with subtle energies; Advanced Reiki Training (ART) further refines skills; and Reiki IV gives all the tools to practice as Reiki Master Teacher and transfer to others. Note: Reiki is a universal system of healing not limited to or dictating any system of spiritual belief. Your own free-will will determine your personal guidance. To learn Reiki is to take our life in our own hands, open the gate for self-healing and compassion to others. It is a journey of self-discovery, a gift to yourself and others.  Courses last minimum 2 maximum 5 days depending on te level and the schedule. We do offer flexitime schdule to facilitate taking the course, hoding a job and caring for family.

Each level covers a set of the following topics:

Self healing
Healing to others
Healing animals, environment, water…
Psychic protection
Chakra balancing
Aura Scanning
Subtle bodies meditations
Reiki Meditations
Intuitive Healing & Scanning
Crystal healing
Basics on quantum evolution
Alignment with Higher self
Coaching others for self-healing

Courses open to beginners: Usui Ryoho Reiki I & II
Course open to Level II practitioners: Advanced Reiki Training ( Reiki III  (Module 1) - RM
Courses open to ART/Reiki Masters: Reiki Master Teacher (Reiki III - Module 2)  - RMT

Karuna (R) Reiki  

In 2010 we traveled to Hawai'i  to attend a Certified Karuna (R) Reiki Master Teacher Course conducted by William Lee Rand himself, the founder of the International Centre for Reiki Training.

This course is only opened to Usui Reiki Master Teachers. The location in Maui secluded Hana village, sighting Humpback whales playing in the Ocean, the Center's location itself as a rounded-shape wooden house, and of course William's wisdom and knowledge of the Reiki System made the course not only an experience: it was a Unique experience of sharing, giving, receiving and learning a shaper and deeper form of Reiki healing.

Becoming a Certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher from ICRT is a guarantee of receiving transmission from the purest lineage.
Those interested to achieve deeper experience of practicing Usui Reiki are welcomed to contact us and discuss the opportunity to study with us. All Karuna (R) Reiki student will receive Manuals an a unique numbered Certification from ICRT itself.

read more about Karuna (R) Reiki here