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Founder of U-Yäh-tal Empowerment, Brian A. Solomon, tells us a bit more about Empowerment and Social Transformation.

"Overhaul of Humanity is not a small thing.
It is going to involve (indeed, it is already involving) every aspect of our lives:
Our governance and politics, our economics and financial stability,
Our commerce and industry,
Our social conventions and constructions,
Our educational systems and approaches, our religions and beliefs,
Our customs and traditions —
In fact, our entire Cultural Story.
We can participate in the Overhaul of Humanity or we can merely witness it,
but we cannot stop it. Nor would we want to." Neale Donald Walsch

The U-Yäh-tal Empowerment programme is aligned with that of Empowerment Institute in New York, USA. The Empowerment Institute's defines "empowerment" as "the process of harnessing the passion of your heart and the power of your mind to create your fullest expression of being human".  It is not something we do TO individuals and their communities. Each of us IS powerful, beyond what we may dare to even dream. I consider myself to be a guide, walking alongside individuals and their respective communities as they “awaken” to their potential and embark on a growth path with awareness and intent. My programme is based on the premise that we are (co) creators of the lives we live and that what we create in our lives starts with thought and with that which we believe about life and ourselves. I am committed to assisting my clients by consciously working with them to create a space for transformation to happen. I do this through through personal empowerment life coaching or through various workshops. I assist clients to dream boldly and courageously, work with them to develop a compelling and energising vision for their lives. I focus my attention on enabling my clients to unpack limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits, and on guiding my them through a process of literally changing how they think and what they believe about themselves and the world they live in, to reach their personal life goals and ultimately achieving their vision. I work with my clients to define and consciously take their next steps as their  compelling vision gently pulls them. This allows for transformation to happen, sometimes in truly unexpected ways.
Associate #2

Rishikesh YogPeeth is a yoga School based in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.

This is a  Yoga school offering  Yoga Alliance RYT 200 and 300hrs Teacher Training Courses.