Lifestyle Empowerment Coaching & Yoga Coaching

Your well being is important to us.  We have three programmes availble that enable you to tap into your personal power as a way to create the life that you deeply wish. Along with this comes the possibility to effectively manifest the life that you wish to live, to effectively deliver your own purpose. Isn't that an important goal? Moreover, our Lifestyle Empowerment Coaching will serve as a guide to unfold all facets of your life from the care of your body, to manifesting resources need to live your life as you wish, or to adjust he patterns of your relationships to fit your most desired lifestyle.

Three programmes options:

A. Lifestyle Coaching

- Ad Hoc Consultations:
 You have an issue with one specific area in your life, or you currently experience a difficulty , an obstacle to your well-being, in this case, Ad Hoc Consultations of 90 minutes each are designed to guide you in the review of the area of your life currently requiring attention.

- Full Coaching Programme
Your life is in transition, there are major changes or you simply wish to trigger some changes and feel somehow 'stuck' in this case a full structured programme of 12 sessions will enable you to uncover various aspects of your life and help you build your own personal growth strengths. 

The full coaching programme of 12 weeks is based on a tested and reliable methodology “Empowerment: The Art of Creating your Life As you Want It” Using this book as an workbook provides you with a clear supportive structure for your coaching process.

B. Yoga Coaching

Our body is the seat of our Yoga practice . Our mind is the master of our life's road map. Blending both will take on a path. It first and foremost connects you with your own personal bio-energy. It then puts on a chart to explore your own body and mind essence and eventually connects you with the whole. Isabella (RYT500 hrsRishikesh Yog Peeth, India)  takes you on this journey with subtle yet firm intention to guide you to un-lock your own potential and release somatic blockages with breathing exercises and gentle body movements after careful mapping of your needs. The ratio of yoga and coaching for each session depends exclusively on your own issue (i.e. personal goals, self esteem, emotions, relationships, health)

C. Coaching Yoga Teachers   

 Teaching a practice as wholesome as Yoga in an effective way requires conscious communication skills. We have the tool box for you to unfold your genius potential within your classes and bring your teaching skills to a next level. We have studied with award winning Adrian Cox, founder of Yoga Elements Studio, in Bangkok, Thailand and we are thrilled to share our commitment to quality standards with your Teaching Practice.

We are excited to be on this life-journey with you, what makes you happy and in harmony with yourself, gives you great contentment.

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