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Life Coaching ( NYC - Empowerment Institute Model)
Exploring personal growth inside out through personal story-telling as a way to connect with our most inner desires, dreams and vision and craft them out to freshen up the genius that lies at the core of our being. Life coaching is a personalised life charting journey which involves reviewing lifestyle choices, reframing positive thinking, dusting out behavioural blockages and integrating vision with personal goals to experience and live fully with reharmonised body, mind, emotions and desires. 

Yoga is a practice that takes you on a journey beyond the mere morphology of the body. It first and foremost connects you with your own personal bio-energy. It then puts on a chart to explore your own body and mind essence and eventually connects you with the whole. Isabella (RYT – 500 hrs Rishikesh Yog Peeth, India)  takes you on this journey with subtle yet firm intention to guide you to un-lock your own potential and release somatic blockages with breathing exercises and gentle body movements after careful mapping of your needs. The ratio of yoga and coaching for each session depends exclusively on your own issue (i.e. personal goals, self esteem, emotions, relationships, health)

Yin Yoga,Traditional Hatha Yoga
Isabella has been guiding Yin Yoga classes since 2013 with a gentle touch of Hatha yoga before being Certified at RYT -500hrs Hatha Yoga (Traditional). Her style of classes is quite gentle with soft energy though firm and with alignment instructions inspired by BKS Iyengar. She offers, Yin Yoga, and Hatha Yoga classes with a nice blend of both into each of them.

Coaching Yoga Teachers

Yoga in its purest form is a self-discovery path. Yet there are approximately half a million Yoga teachers registered at the Yoga Alliance USA only.  Our approach is simple: teaching Yoga requires additional skills than just being good at yoga asana practice and having knowledge of yoga philosophy. In offering coaching sessions to yoga teachers we design together a pattern of bringing out the best version of the teacher. We consider the practice of teaching yoga a pure practice itself requirying skills, competence and sensitivity and rapport building. We have the tools and we are committed to help you become the best version of yourself. We have studied with Adrian Cox, Founder of Yoga Elements Studio in Bangkok Thailand.

Yoga 4 Kids
The initiation of children to yoga is a guarantee for fostering calmness, focus, discipline to future adults. Parents usually confirm these benefits quite immediately. With light and fun techniques Isabella succeeds to bring playfullness to yoga sessions for children of ages between 5 and 11 yrs of age. 

Reiki Healing and Reiki trainings/Certifications
Reiki is a peaceful and natural therapy of  realigning body, mind and chakras to overcome either physical or emotional healing. Through a variety of tools sourced in ancient Japanese and Himalayan practices  a Reiki healing sessions will bring relaxation and increased mindfullness.

Bio-energy Re-Connection
Our bio-energy system comprises of inner and outer vibrations. From within our cellular body to our external envelop there are various levels of exchanges. Re-harmonising our bio-energy system through personal Bio-energy Re-Connection is a healing journey involving reconnecting our inner-bio-energy system to the central energy system of the Universe. A bio-energy Re-connection session will re-package your vibrational connection with your own reality and guide you towards your own purpose. 

Isabella is of mixed European background yet defines herself as a third-culture world citizen with foot steps over 80 countries and five continents. Her life journey as a healer started as a Reiki practitioner in 1999  and became her main activity in 2009 when quitting the senior international corporate management job she held for 15 years . She now is a Certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher (International Center of Reiki Training, US), a Life Coach (Empowerment Institute, NYC, US) and a RYT - 500 hrs Yoga instructor (Rishikesh YogPeeth, India). The practice of Zen, Reiki, Yoga, Dance Therapy as well as her conscious choices to mainstream peacefull and natural holistic therapies in her daily life shape up a form of integrity that connects her subtly yet firmly to all that involves consciousness, personal growth and harmony. Isabella is most at ease in multi-diverse environnements and skillfully blends various practices, fluently in English, Italian and French to help students and clients alike restore harmony and explore beyond relaxation a universe of peace within themselves. Most testimonials express the fact that working with Isabella helps individuals crafting a box of user-friendly tools, one can pick and use long after the sessions complete.  She set up a first Healing Studio in Laos and further expanded out of the comfort zone to establish Ubuntu Yoga and Well Being Studio in an unusual location: Burkina Faso in West Africa. Ubuntu Yoga was the seed of social entreprise offering Holistic therapies, training craftspeople to Fair Trade and eco-sustainable products, she designed a products label East Meets West/Made with Passion in BUrkina Faso, became a hub for the sale of organic farmers produce and was se to expand to offer Yoga to vulnerable Youth group. The passing of her young daughter, interrupted the project to its core and further inspired her to embark on a yogi journey and help others to help themselves.