Beat Seasonal Colds the Yogi Way with Black Seed Oil

How to naturally and effectively beat seasonal colds the yogi way?

Congested nostrils and sinuses, a bit of a sore throat, light headed, not sure what to do or how to beat the symptoms? Here is a natural basic and effective way to decongest
breathing and at the same time help the body relief the inflammation and prevent worsening into infection. All together  also giving a nice good boost to the immune system.

There are many ways such as increase vitamins intake, as well as good nutrients and minerals and Vitamin C. These though are not sufficient or maybe simply topical.
For a longer term effect and we all know cold seasons may last several months, it is also necessary to boos the immune system and give some good information to the body to adapt to the new temperatures conditions.
Here is one Yogi Way to do so:
- congested nostrils: practice Jal Neti, saline water nostrils cleansing 3 to 4 times a day and always before food;
- one spoon of Black Seed Oil just after Jal Neti slowly swallowing it to emphasize passing through the throat.

Intake of black seeds or black jeera, aka Nigella Sativa, boosts the immune system be it in oil form or in seeds form. It has been known for several centuries to heal a variety of conditions as well. It is a staple healing oil in the middle east and the gulf states.  Asia and south Asia usually have easily available nigella sativa seed forms in natural medicines shops or grocery stores.