Teaching Yoga - Part 2

Few questions are as important as How to create a conducive, safe, and playful environment to bring Yoga practice to an optimal level for everyone?
Teaching and instructing may seems synonymous. Yet they aren't and the compromise for
one or the other isn't such an easy talent to express.
This discussion is often brought up in Teaching Methodology Modules of Yoga Teacher Trainings as we browse through efficiency and result-based techniques aimed at creating such a learning environment. Assuming that people join a Yoga class to learn something, how is it possible to guarantee learning in that journey made of body movements, mind chatting, effort, sweat, release of tensions, and eventually self-expression?

A shift from instructing to teaching does that. A move from offering mirroring asanas and practice to a commitment to build meaning and bing about an experience of integration between what is possible by 'each body' and a connection with a broader life outside the mat.

What this means in simple terms is that the time set aside for practice by those who join a session must be meaningful, be rewarding [that feels good kind-of-attitude] allow for a bit of exploration beyond comfort zones, yielding mindfulness on efforts put forward and ost importantly, have a connection with daily lifestyles.

The ideal situation is one where the teacher is entirely focused on 'others' , 'builds rapport', observes changes, maintains clarity of instructions, demonstrates what is necessary to  allow organic movements and is skilled at catching of glimpse of how each and everyone is having a good experience. As a coach the teacher would allow for each and everyone to have his or her own experience while actually getting deeeper into a continuous practice.

The experience of teaching is exhilarating. The actual coaching of yogi is far beyond that: it helps yogis help themselves for as long as they wish to practice and for as long as they live. The experience of yoga at the cellular level never fades.
Try it out. Find your Yoga Coach and roll out your mat.