The Science of Yoga

Has the thought of Yoga as a Science crossed your mind? On a similar note, the answer to the question of whether Yoga starts and ends with Asana may also unfold a box of goodies. Yoga is a 5,000 years old wisdom which was codified in various forms several times since. The modern expression of yoga as seen across Yoga Studios around the world is essentially a combination of physical asana practice, a dash of mantras chanting,
occasionally breathing awareness and a good dose of yoga fashion designs (clothing, mats, bags). Yoga as a work-out is as popular as a motto, has exponential multipliers indexes, frantic practitioners in search for the  “inspiring teacher”, the “good vibration” studio, “the cool practice” and a plethora of teachers digging out their creative self to align self-practice, self-study, exposure to markets demands and make everybody and every body happy in one go. Topped with a tiny dose of trendy selfie-indulgence the evolution of yoga is up and running and is the fastest growing industry in the USA. 
Yoga is not religion. Yet like a religion it has followers, orthodox scholars, terminology, Gurus, various forms of ascetes, statues, representations, entire libraries and to say the least ample freedom of interpretation: Bikram, Hot, Power, Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow, Ashtanga, Krya, Iyengar, Yin, Kundalini, Anusara amongst the most popular.  Unlike religion though Yoga has no boundaries, no detractors, no opponents, no wars and no secret weapons. Moreover, it brings together a diversity of fields of study from neuroscience, neuroplasticity, allopathy and alternative general medicine, physiology, psychology and even oncology all in one voice agreeing on the multiple benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Yoga is a holistic system geared for wellbeing, it operates on its own and requires just a few ingredients: a bit of practice, some regularity and intention. Everything else is taken care of by the entire cellular body with first in line the Central Nervous System . The results of a regular practice are magnificent, long lasting and unfolding a path to live a healthy and happy life. That requires only  a few sessions. Physical activity is good for the body it helps with loss of weight, reduction of High blood pressure, elimination of migraine, maintain of proper vision, improvement of breathing capacity, adequate breathing volume. Yet Yoga brings some more subtle benefits which in turn build up easiness in physical practice, creating a wheel of positive effects. Illustrations from the scientific field on the subtle transformation occurring with yoga within the cellular body abound and browse from clarity of focus, improved body and mind coordination, concentration,  reduction or total absence of small ailments such as colds, flu, IBS, hormonal fluctuations, anxiety, insomnia. With children, results show how a light yoga practice bring hands-on playful ways to foster mindfulness and reduce attention deficit disorders interfering with school performance and overall behavioural communication issues.

Yoga is a life-saving practice. Visit the nearest Yoga Studio in your neighbourhood and roll your mat and start rolling your mat!

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