How Immersion is your Foundation - Aadhar at Sooriya Wellness

The popularity of Yoga Teacher Trainings is growing as fast as is the Yoga world of practitioners. One of my teacher even correctly called YTTs " The only training course hardly anyone ever fails" . The other aspect is that not everyone who joins a YTTC actually does it with the intention of teaching, while some discover an inherent passion, other already were teaching before actual graduation. The fact is that yoga is an abundant subject to study,  a pandora's box of complex connections, decipherages accompanied by inner and outer transformation.

Sooriya Wellness &Yoga Center
is embarking on a completely new path and is opening up the floor for you to get a taste of a fully fledged YTTC but giving your strong foundations to actually understand which path it is you are opening up in your life.
Aadhar is Sanskrit for Foundation and the upcoming 108hrs Immersion Course at Sooriya Wellness is offering a broad curriculum of topics related to yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Kryas, Anatomy amongst others.

This 108hrs Immersion Course is a signature programme of Sooriya Wellness and will roll out just after Diwali in Kathmandu (2/11/2016) for 8 consecutive weeks with a flexible schedule suitable to continue work or study commitment the whole day without missing a class.
Personnally i am thrilled to be part of a team of inspiring teachers. 

Inquire at Sooriya directly +977- 1 - 4001719 or +9779818481972

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