Rainbow Hug

Kathmandu is a busy valley and streets get slowly populated from 5 am onwards. This is Friday 26/08/2016 (compound number 7) it is 5.55am in the morning. Pedestrians, shopkeepers preparing the day in front of their shops, fast microbuses picking up students and pupils, motorbikes enjoying empty roads, joggers here and there, and a yoga teacher happily walking to teach her first class of the day at Sooriya Wellness & Yoga Center. 

The week unfolded with a surge of grieving sadness with the previous day experience of a significant dive down mourning memory lane. Naa'ila there are no days I don't miss, there are days I simply miss you and pain is always the same as if my belly was scooped out from my body. Yoga and several other passionate commitment keep me busy but this week was a though one and I looked forward at the coming Saturday to rest and recuperaate a bit. Walking down Lazimpat road at such an early hour, is pleasant as pollution is minimal both air and sound quality. So I was quite surprised to see a cloud of white energy appearing in the middle of the street far back at an horizon line with the mountain in the background. The thought of localised pollution crossed my mind. Yet as I focused on it i literally saw it transforming into a rainbow, ray by ray and strikingly stand up tall in the horizon line.  Just in time, as I walked up the stairs of the building of the Studio, 6.00am at my clock, it was gone, and I said "thank you Naa'ila I know it is you! "
 I got a rainbow hug!!