Karma Yoga. Steps to Applied Yoga

Yoga philosophy defines Karma Yoga as Yoga of Action or Discipline of the Action and can also be called “the way to achieving perfection in action”. Karma Yoga is an underlying part of the derivatives types of Yoga with a general understanding of Karma and reincarnation. This approach considers the life cycle of past, present and future revolving in circle or better spirals of several lifes unfolding over extended period of times. It is believed that people are born with certain tendencies, both positive and negative, from previous lives and express certain tendencies to perform certain actions in present life.
This is an ongoing process until the individual attains a zero balance (no karma remaining) aka liberation, Samadhi. The word Karma comes from Sanskrit root ‘Kru”  or “ to do “ or “perform action. In every moment of our lives we are active and involved in action. At each moment we create karma, self-expression.

Karma Yoga is action or duty with no quest or entitlement to the fruits of the action; no attachments to the result of the activities. Karma Yoga is an important step in the process of higher Sadhana. The cleansing of impurities of the mind purifies the Soul opening towards higher levels of meditation or consciousness. 
In October 2014, the sudden loss of my only daughter, generated a intense spiral of overhaul in my routine,lifestyle and life as a whole: it felt as though a life purpose was lost. Together with being a mother.

After taking 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2015 the first Karma Yoga commitment showed up. The healing and grieving were proceding well and together with it emerged the urge to be around children and teenagers. A few hours a week in Kathmandu (Nepal) I spend a few hours a week with free yoga classes to a Children’s Home. Being and initiating them to Surya Namaskar was an exhilarating experience for them as well as for me. learned a lot while my proximity with children was healing. I uncovered from within deep of myself a purpose and decided I would embark on a six months Karma Yoga back to India and teach at my school in Rishikesh. In the meantime I completed a 50hrs Yoga Teaching Methodology Course at award-winning Yoga Elements Bangkok, Thailand. The practical application of this module to my own teaching practice was my objective. It started to trickle down my intention to offer Communication and Inter-Personal skills to various TTC setting and would start with my Rishikesh-based school. As dearly anticipated their response was enthusiastic and by January 2016 preparations were completed for my next trip to India for 6 months.

As I sat down in Mysore at the end of the a long winding Karma Yoga journey I looked at past, present and future with greater awareness that karma yoga as taught me a great deal about life, service, selflessness, selfishness, fearlessness, freedom, commitment, integrity, focus, dedication, one-pointedness, welcoming attitude, practice and patience. 
Deciding that Karma Yoga was going to be about Teaching modules as part of a team for 200hrs and 300hrs Yoga Teacher Trainings did not include many aspects of what was about to unfold on my path. Surprises reach life in the most unexpected ways and I certainly experienced this first-hand with the sudden passing of my lovely 12 years old daughter just about 20 months ago. On the other hand other surprises include unexpected friendships, soul love, letting go, self-awareness and self-empowerment. I had no idea I still had to learn so much about patience, giving and receiving unconditionally.
I certainly learnt the real meaning of unconditional giving, loving, offering, presenting, serving in many more ways than the one I expected to be involved with. In six months time I have learnt a great deal about bringing integrity in action, letting go of deep seated emotional beliefs and recrafting an approach on how life shapes up, how opportunities bring up the best in us, how coaching is a about accompanying the emergence of a growing edge in people’s life, how healing at times means letting events get worse before they get better, and how touching the heart of people really takes many.

Karma Yoga as fearless selfless perfection in action? Karma Yoga brings a pause, a long breath, a mindful being in the now, an open heart, a mirror to the inner-self, turns Yamas into Nyamas in other words converts outer focus and outer behaviour to explore inner focus and integrity.

Yamas and Nyamas are the so-called first two limbs of the eightfold path of yoga followed by Asana (postures), Pranayama (observation of the breath) Dharana (concentration) Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (bliss).  
Karma Yoga has brought yamas and nyamas  to a whole new level for my practice, my focus and my life. As a firm believer of the human potential of co-arise, co-existence, co-operation, the exploration of Karma Yoga has brought the healing of my daughter to a whole new level. Her guidance, her presence, her light not seen by the naked eyes, are seen by the Universal Truth of planes of existence.

It has been wild, enlightening, fearless, focused, heart-opening, intense, healing, and expanding.

I have loved it to the core.
Now off to the next level of perfection in action with a lightness!

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