Share Your Experience It is Invaluable !

For some reasons I am not quite sure how the pattern was established, writing in public places seems more conducive than just sitting at home in a private space. This started way back while living in Bangkok, the beginning of smart phones, micro PC and tablets. I had decided to write an e-book and share insights on changing times and this tool i had found easier than the nice desktop in my private space at home. Few fellows bloggers and writers met in my wandering nomadic life, experience the same phenomenon. Then this
conversation with a young British writer who wrote his 6 short fictions e-Book in a Shanghai Starbucks got me convinced and reassured at the same time. I will write my next e-book from a public space.

In the meantime, i also love just sitting and playing with my tablet around these nice couches, watching waiters and waitresses serving people and carrying cups and glasses with dexterity. People coming over, friends meeting each others, and individuals just sitting having phone conversations, or simply like i am doing too sometimes, reading a paper book. Yes a real book made with paper you turn the pages and read further no electronic devices involved.

It has been a while since I sit for a few hours a day at this downtown lounge cafe in downtown Kathmandu. It is pleasant, TV is on yet not too loud, and couches are so comfortable with nice large arm resting and enough space to sit crossed-legged sipping Latte macchiato. Naaila my daughter would have loved this space. Just love it and I would easily visualize with her long legs, sitting and playing with her Sparkle Magazine or her DSlite.

Waiters know what I would order and all falls into place. At least once in my day things just stop and i can sit and do what I most love to do:look around, observe people and behaviours. Today this tall Tibetan monk sits next to me, sipping his masala tea and playing with his phone, Other days it would be groups of monks coming over and playing with their iPads or Samsung tablets drinking tea or sipping some foamy white looking smoothies.

This  woman comes towards my couch, she is smiling and has a Latino look though I always thought she could also be a nice local mix. She sits next to me quite engaging with her bright smile explicitly looking like she really wants to engage the conversation with me. I had seen her ever day, sitting at the community table and chatting with many people. Sometimes i would also overhear some of her conversation and distinguish a marked Spanish accent. Anyhow here she is next to me wiling to talk. Her story is quite inspiring and certainly contains some passionate civil activism elements. Survivor from an historical political coup in a South American country she has in her and carries it with quite elegance, a strong flavour of integrity, and common sense on human rights.

The obvious question arrived where I am the one having to explain, what I am doing here  and who i am. This type of question does not bother me anymore the way it used to a few months ago. It is a signal my healing journey is advancing. This idea of writing a book on my experience of grieving and the lightness I also dig out of my life to overcome the heavy burden of loosing a young child, as been with me for a while. Whether i needed a confirmation or not I am not sure, I just know now it will happen quite soon before year' s end. She walks away, and says " You are saying invaluable things. It would help people in similar situations " It happens my job is just about that " helping People help themselves".

 Namaste Everyone !