Heal Your Practice Heal Your Business

What about the common denominators between Life Coaching,  Yoga, Empowerment and Healing ? What type of blend will be generated with regard to transformation, and authenticity? Starting from the perspective that in its physical experience the body is just energy meeting consciousness and expressing itself in physical form, healing is a process of realigning energetic balance within the cellular body. This alignment involves the cellular structure as well as the mental and emotional bodies. Theses bodies, called Koshas according to Indian Darshan tradition are now largely accepted as a frequency or vibration. Studies show that the heart vibrates at a frequency rate reaching up to 3 meters. Consciousness resides in the mind. The mind and its physical corollary the brain are architects of the existence laid out under our steps. There is a little more than this simplified version, just lets keep it this way for our purpose here.

The mind also emits a frequency or vibration. It is called intention, which can manifest in various ways and express itself in many forms too. Intention is key for healing, without intention there is little but no progress on any healing path. Without intention there also is only a few creative steps that can be maed. Healing start with intention. He intention to restore energetic balance often meets the bio-energetic system of the body in a quite impressive way. Tensions and emotional blocks are released and there is an overall healing attitude that starts to set in. Maybe change of nutritional choices, social networking, people, friends etc. Self-awareness is a process of becoming increasingly observant of our own behavioural patterns and is also the starting point for a more holistic lifestyle with conscious choices prioritizing over random choices. When healing is taking place a lot of chaos might occur. Just stay with it. After chaos comes transformation and behaviours start to change with language and intention starting to match at deeper level. Self-awareness may also result in a overall re-craft of intention into vision. A creative vision, maybe even a proper Sankalpa deeper embedded into the sub-conscious mind. Transformation takes place and change and impermanence are being accepted as a way of life. The let go process takes a big dive with the Ego and empathy as well as compassion progressively replace the "me first", greediness and maybe even some anger. Empowerment is about to rise and with it come ownership, conscious decision-making and leadership.

The vision and the authenticity expand from the inner self to the external world. There is a desire to have an impact, a positive one, and the vision transforms into a social impact goal effortlessly.  Yoga is, by all means, not an exclusive yogasana practice. It comprises of at least 4 limbs of external (bahiranga) behaviour and another 4 limbs of internal behaviour (Anthiranga). Asana practice combined with pranayama and restrain on senses such as pratyhara, contribute to reshape the body, strengthen the immune system and create space within the cellular body. This way it allows for better energy balance. Anatomically, the heart becomes the center point of the transformation. Practicing from the heart instead of practicing from the head will just transform the practice from an ego centered, exercise-it-all activity to an energetic ego-less movement meditation. What then occurs anatomically when transformation is under way is reflected at the level of the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is a very important nerve that connects the center of the brain with all key organs within the body from stomach to kidneys compounding all digestive and elimination functions. As a result of Yogasana practice and other limbs or petals of yoga what is known as the vagal tone is re-activated and brings all together a better sense of coordination between thoughts and actions, coherence and congruence between heart, brain and the rest of the body. Yoga is tool for leadership. And there are no bad omen at stating that as a spiritual business such as a yoga studio cant be as successful as a software development factory. The purpose is different and most likely the business model too. Clearing limiting beliefs, listening to the inner voice, recognise the larger picture at play around and modeling new patterns of business.