Generosity Synchronicity

The Sanskrit word for generosity is Dana. We understand generosity not merely as a gift giving practice rather as a holistic essential art of life. Generous people are often said to be giving to others before giving to themselves,  open to others, listeners, well intentioned and empathic. Yes, generosity is about this. Yet it is much more than that.
It is a whole perspective on life which includes an energetic giving  and receiving. The other day a friend of mine explained about having to give a talk on generosity and we chatted at length about this concept and practice.
 While talking i picked up a Angel Card: Dana - The High Priestess. See here for more on  Dana
 Now as this same friend posted something on FB  to which I replied by reminding her about our conversation and the card i picked for my own purpose. It was exactly 11:11 when I browsed the web  to find that text again explaining the meaning of Dana. This is synchro for my purpose and I love it.
 Namaste everyone.