Work As Love Made Visible

"Work Is Love Made Visible"  is a popular quote from Khalil Gibran. It is also a powerful statement when applied to the vision crafted for our projects and livelihoods. Effortlessness and perfection in action are subsidiary aspects of this vision. How can we reach a point of effortlessness and perfection while fulfilling and matching vision, dreams, goals and livelihoods?
A best case scenario would probably mean to match revenues with lifestyle choices and fulfilling a purpose that serves humanity. The often most controversial aspect of this is to maintain integrity. Integrity often comes into conflict with power. Power is attractive. An average scenario is one set around a job that sustains a living and with resources gained from that job put into use serving humanity in a good way. For instance working for a corporate company in any sector and use resources to feed a system that is compensating maybe the carbon foot print generated by the company you work for. For example working for an airline company with high carbon foot print and high competitiveness, yet making use of free time to volunteer at an orphanage or put salary towards mindful purchase of conscious and organic produce serving local farmers and responding to healthy and nutritious food standards.

Karma,  is like a savings account with the advantage of building up and never loosing power. You will get it back in the next life. What you give away in so called not friendly karma is  possibly regained with putting seeds of positive deeds in other aspects. The choice is yours, whether you choose  to keep the balance always equal or rather to let it flow towards one nice big positive side.  The advantages of living effortlessly generating good karma are bountiful and not only with regard to the returns in the next reincarnation. Certainly in this one: having a sense of non stealing from earth and its people; generating equal terms of exchanges between produce and people and people around the world; saving the earth from unnecessary garbage and many more advantages. 

Gibran's quote also suggests  that engaging in an activity that occupies the most of the day, would benefit stress levels, commitment to a purpose, social responsibility and distribution of resources between stakeholders. At least on the assumption that this work as love made visible is about empowerment of people, freedom from coercion and violence. It goes without saying that "Work as Love Made Visible" is a path of cooperation, trust and integrity. Ultimately all paths are self-discovery paths to those who are mindful and self aware. Effortlessness then smoothly takes over and all combinations of time, energy, purpose and serve blend quite harmoniously.

At Ubuntu Yoga & Well Being, our products were all made with love. Destiny has made it that we no longer produce them since the passing of my daughter. Yet, I know I left behind a few crafts person , both men and women, who got a few new tips and ideas from our interactions and business relations. Also Ubuntu Studio has been renamed Waga Studio and continues to provide Yoga Classes and Pilates sessions to a growing umber of patrons. 

Namaste Everyone !