Healing Synchronicity

Synchronicity: a term most often used by people with a keen interest in non-physical reality. There is a common understanding amongst them, there that events that have some special characteristics are meaningful and belong to quantum connection. These characteristics include but are not limited to: cluster numbers
or cluster dates between events, connections between people in different situations with similar thread of connections, meeting same person sin different situations and so forth. The connection between persons involved and events is beyond the basic physical realms. Furthermore, this connection is not determined by a specific intention or a forced networking of some sorts. It is pure consciousness at play without filters, without what in yogi terms is called "Citta" - the mind. The mind has nothing to do.

The word synchronicity is slowly becoming  mundane and more people are progressively using it with a clear understanding that its roots are energy and not intellectual. The last but not least assumption is that there are no mere coincidences. If the situations or event unfolding struck a light, an emotion, a surprise of some sorts, or gives a sort of a " Ah Ah moment", it has deep rooted pure consciousness characteristics. It is not coincidence.  

The synchronicity I am about to present is highly meaningful and has deep healing connections which I am still liking to remind myself of, at times, as I go through the motions of a deep, sad grieving process. Yes, this synchronicity has to do with grieving, cremation, Buddhism and Reiki. When my lovely young daughter passed away her cremation became a meaningful event of its own for its synchronicity with higher realms.

We were living in West Africa at that time, in a country where cremations are not allowed. I decided to bring my beautiful daughter's body to Europe and have a cremation there possibly with Theravada Buddhist blessings. A long time friend of mine who happens to be my first husband of 35 years ago, offered himself to help out with this. He contacted a few temples and found a Vietnamese monk who was willing to do the ceremony. I refused since I have no practice of Vietnamese Buddhism and asked him please to find if possible a Theravada Buddhist Monk.  Very simply, for those who don't know, Theravada Buddhism is also called Ancient Buddhism and belongs to the school of Buddhism known as the Small Vehicle. It is mainly practiced in South East Asia and is recognizable with male Monks wearing  bright orange robe. It presents few different characteristics than the other Buddhist Schools  known as the Big Vehicle (Mahayana) which is settled in the Himalayas and includes Tibetan Buddhism, Tantric practices, Ch'an, Taoism, Confucianism, and Zen schools amongst others. Funerals and cremations are the only official ceremonies presented in Buddhist Sutras. In other words, other ceremonies such as marriages, blessings of houses, new job, new premises and other events can be held by Buddhist Monks but are not official. It is the person's personal choice to do so and people usually do so indeed. Cremations and funeral require additional vows taken by the Monk which mean additional practice and training.

My friend's search was quite speedy and effective and just the next day he wrote that he found a Monk and a temple officially authorised to conduct this type of ceremony as well as officially recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Administration of Capital City of Brussels. So far so good for authorisations ! In other words the Monk and the temple are accredited to officially hold and officiate cremations at the city's crematorium. My reply to his email was simple: Let's do it. this has a purpose and a meaning. I arrived in Belgium on Tuesday 28 October 2014 and went straight to Wat Thai Dhammaram Temple in the outskirt of the capital city. The temple looked like a typical house in this residential area. At least from the outside, just with a Buddhist flag waiving its blue, orange, red and yellow colors in the late October wind. The sky granted us a beautiful blue sky and the temperature was pretty pleasant for end of October. Walking up the stairs to the entrance I felt my heart beating under my chest like I was going to meet an angel. Having travelled in Asia since 1982, still living around South East Asia for ten years now and having practiced Buddhism since then, I still felt as a novice. Mainly I knew something terrible was about to be converted into something very etherical.  I felt the energy of the place and the Monk I was about to meet like a forceful quantum magnet. Yes, my heart was beating as though a survival kit had me on auto pilot. Truly, I had not really slept since her passing a few days back, and less even so during the most terrible and uncomfortable  flight I ever took in my life. Let it be, leave it, move on.

The main room of the temple was empty . We slowly pushed the sliding door open and greeted the space with a soft  "Sawat Dee Khaa, is anybody here?".[Translation: Hello]. An aid of the Monk entered, and like in many temples in Thailand, there always are few silhouettes entering and exiting from somewhere silently, and in this case from the next door kitchen. Eventually the Monk walked in.

We  bowed our heads to the floor thrice like practice dictates when in front of a Monk.  Upon closing the entry door the Monk said to leave it a bit open to let that little pitch black kitten enter the room. His name is happiness long life he said and its is our latest arrival. I chuckled: Happiness is my daughter's second name and she just loved cats like no other animal in the world would exist. Well no, Naa'ila loved all animal but cats were her favourites. She even had told me two weeks before passing that  when she passes she wanted to be a cat. She was also very certain to have been a cat in many previous lives. This little black kitten was really a gift, i made me chuckle yet also drew some tears though it was a sign, Naa'ila was amongst us. We let him walk in and that little black ball lightly jumped to me and then went and put itself to sleep on my friend's hands which were in meditation pose on his lap in lotus pose. This was already a beautiful welcome. Then came the purpose of our visit. Chatting with the monk in broken Thai and English we conducted a short ceremony with a picture of Naa'ila and a few silent moments when I cried my heart out. These moments were intense in many ways. My heart was letting go of sadness, the Monk's energy was lifting me up. He was repeating this sentence, which is casted in my heart: "she left quickly, peacefully and will return quickly and peacefully; she is on holiday". The meaning of the sentence was lifting me up, but overall it was his whole attitude and certainly his energy that were just calming me. I was calm, perfectly calm, when in contact with his aura. We discussed a few logistical arrangements for the cremation itself which was to be held the following Thursday at the main city's crematorium at 15:15. This time is in itself meaningful to me as it is the time of her end of school day, end of class. No other choice of time could have been more appropriate. We also discussed the arrangements for a further ceremony to be held at this very temple with the ashes the following Sunday. Indeed every first Sunday of the month the Temple holds a "Sangha" day [a community day] with Thai market and Thai ceremony. All agreed. The atmosphere was a bit refreshed and lighter. Certainly my heart was lighter, at least temporarily. We started to chat about my life in Thailand, his coming to Europe and so forth. At some point, while answering his question about my business in Laos [Healing Mudras Well Being Studio] I tell him that I few years back while living in Bangkok, I was initiated as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher by an independent Reiki Master Teacher who happened to be a former Korean
Zen nun and currently a lady very involved in the Buddhist community in Thailand. A British citizen married with a Thai man. Eventually I also tell  him about the husband whom I never met because of his passing away many years before I even met the lady. Yet I tell him about the couple's project, at the time of the husband being alive, to build a Theravada University and Meditation Center in the outskirts of the Thai Capital city Bangkok. A project that really never saw light, for some obscure reasons. I was about to go on and explain about Reiki and this lady and how she is also reads the Buddhist Sutra in traditional ancient language "Pali" when the Monk interrupts me with this question: "What is the name of this lady?". Upon telling him her name, he gently smiled and responded " I know Helen very well as well as her husband, he was a good friend of my master in Korat. He passed away. He was very connected to my own master".

This statement had me wobbling and I felt as though I swallowed a big piece of sticky rice and got it fixed, immobile, in the back of my throat. With my right hand on my upper chest, I screamed: "What!". Not knowing whether I had to cry or laugh, I was at an energetic junction. Stuck in between two energy pathways: exhilaration or total sadness; pain or joy. He continued: "Helen is a very nice lady. When you see her next. give her my blessings". I was in shock. The probability for this man to know this couple in Thailand was so thin that it really took me a while to eventually be able to able to breath without that illusionary piece of sticky rice in my throat. Moreover, to be there arranging the logistics for my daughter's cremation in Belgium talking about this Reiki Master was truly something powerful. It took me a few hours to distill the event; jet lag and lack of sleep in addition to the emotions probably were also carrying some heavy burden on the speed at which I could understand the meaning of this peculiar encounter. This man's energy had already been a healing wave for me. Every time I would be in his aura I would be calm and serene. He would look at me in peace and I would physically as well as etherically experience his energy levels and frequency reaching my deep cellular body and calm me down, settle me on a soothing vibrational level. Eventually also making me smile, which in such circumstances is a total success. Walking out of Wat Thai Dhammaram I was not in shock anymore rather I was walking behind my own shoes. Similarly to those days when in Bangkok, upon reaching Helen's house to take my Reiki Master Teacher's Course, I was so energetic my shoes would lead the path, swiftly. Something was at play, some big, larger than me unexplicable something was at play and I had no clue what it was. I just knew I had left, a Theravada Temple in the outskirts of Brussels, sat in the car of my former husband of 35 years ago whom I had introduced to Thailand and Buddhism at that time, and that in two days time this Monk would officially officiate my daughter's cremation in the same exact place where my father was cremated twenty-four years earlier in a very lonely ceremony. For me this whole event was a huge wave of cosmic energy. Then I remembered a conversation I had with Helen one day back in 2009. As I finished telling her how my daughtr was magically saved and avoided the hit her head on a cement block when falling off a pier on a Thailand Island during the week-end, Helen simply responded: "It was not her time, yet."

Life plays up in many ways. We need to trust, a cosmic events, we need to get the mind out of the way.

Naa'ila cremation started promptly at 15:15 WET time, Thursday October 30th, 2014 with few family members and friends whom were asked not to wear any dark colours. Nieces, nephews and cousins of Naa'ila were all wearing pink or light colours as requested. The Monk's energy was filling up the room, and at some very special moment the hard white neon light of the room turned pink. Probably only could see this. Nevertheless when I received some pictures taken during the ceremony, the light indeed was pink. My daughter's was there showing them the way, greeting me.

At the very same moment, in the Capital city of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, a peaceful popular uprising was succeeding to kick out of the country the long standing [27 year] President. At the very same moment, Burkina Faso country became the first ever country in Africa to experience peaceful uprising to change 27 years of history. Burkina Faso also happens to be West African country where I first walked my steps just, one week after the cremation of my own father in that same crematorium were my Naa'ila was cremated.  One year later from that event I was visiting Laos and fell in love with that country. 

I just feel there is a bag full of synchronicities here. The wheel of life is turning.

Namaste everyone ! 

P.s.  after publishing the article I noticed  I had clicked the button exactly at 22.55 hrs