Healing Synchronicity - Seat 27K

June 2014 upon purchasing an intercontinental flight for my young daughter to travel and visit her uncle and cousins in Europe, I realised it would be her first long-haul flight by herself. Though Naaila was a seasoned traveller all over the world, she always flew with me by her side. She would know all the routines for fellow passengers and for aircraft preparations having studied all on-board documents fully on each flight. I guess she probably is the only passenger doing so as i hardly saw anyone even taking a glimpse to those technical flyers presented on the back of the seat in front of yours.
Having realised so, I was bound to choose a nice seat number for her also requesting the airline representative to put a note on file that it would be nice if it were a woman sitting next to her. I knew airlines can do that - if they really want to - even though they would tell you straight away " No". It is indeed a regular practice on Airlines in Pakistan and other strict Muslim countries where women travelling on their own cannot sit next to men. I choose window seat 27K.

July 2014, after conducting all pre-flight administration for a Non -Accompanied Child travelling on her own, we waited for Brussels Airline representative to take her in. We kissed good bye in a special way both of us knowing we were to experience a premiere. She walked away without looking at me, confident. Though she sent me text messages from the waiting area and said she felt weird waiting there by herself. I wished I could have hugged her but told her to be patient.

August 2014, upon her return a month later, I asked her how that flight went and how she experienced her first flight on her own, hoping all went well and as prescribed. She told me that her pre-assigned seat 27K was messy and occupied by a woman who had far too much hand-luggage. She also said, the woman " was a little fat too I don't know I wanted to sit there, I would have been shrunk by the window"! She continued " the flight attendant then told me to sit two rows behind, seat 29 K by myself. I cried a bit, a woman looked at me saying "It will be alright don't cry, and then I ate , watched a movie and slept. All I knew is that very quickly we arrived at destination."

Fast forward Monday 27 October 2014. I am going to be on that same flight, that very same aricraft and Brussels Airline and as I watch my daughter's coffin being loaded on the plane's cargo, my heart jolts and I sob. My travelling companion holds my hands and together in silent we watch the plane. I said " Naaila had often asked me how the plane is configured in the cargo area" I guess now she could see for herself. An airline representative comes over to me and said to recognise me and mentioned that day when I bought that ticket - you know seat 27K. " That pretty girl!... I am so sorry for you!." " Thank you"  I replied and sat down in the waiting area, sorry they could not have upgraded my ticket to Business Class.  Upon boarding the plane I checked my Seat Number and my heart jolted: I was seated on seat 29K, the exact seat my daughter had sat on 14th July 2014 when taking her first international flight alone. I was at awe at life's surprise and synchronicity in numbers and events. Had I been upgraded to Business Class this would have never occurred. Moreover, I was feeling the correct person and the correct place. Just that I was so terribly sad and could not hold my tears.

The wheel of life keeps turning.

Namaste everyone.