Eleven Recurrences of Eleven

Cluster numbers such as 11:11,  3:3:3 or even number sequences such as 12:13:12: 14.41 and so forth are numerologist golden package. Not only is numerology an ancient technique used to  read in between the lines of events, it also was utilised to decrypt meanings, propensities,
likelihood or not for some likable or less likable events. Doreen Virtue and other writers and psychic have made ample presentation of Numerology as an ancient  tradition with modern applications.

The choice of a bundle of preferred figures and clusters is totally a personal choice, with religious and beliefs patterns thrown into it so I wont elaborate on this aspect nor on the meaning. Just as a matter of synchronicity which we tend to like, and over-like at some point, I have become accustomed with some figures and some numbers, clusters and primary numbers. from the choice of an airplane seat, a flight number, a date for flying, a hotel room, a number plate, whatever comes my way in a way of figure including prices i tend to have made a habit of summing it up.  So here we go for a total of eleven synchronised appearance of number 11 during my recent journey of 13 weeks in India. 

1. The Course I registered started on April 6th 2015 and ended May 16th 2015= 47 = 11;
2. The first room I slept in at the school's campus was 119 = 11;                                           
3. The second room I slept in after changing because it had bad energy, was 218= 11;       
4. Total number of participants in that course was 65 = 11;                                                    
5. Number of nationalities , country of origin of participants =  22 = 2x11;                           
6. The group was divided in 3 groups 22\22\21, I was in group 22 = 2x11;                       
7. Just in my group there were students from 11 different nationalities;                                 
8. When I taught my examination class we were 11 participants;                                           
9. The course cycle was itself the 56th Yoga teacher training course ! = 11;                         
10. The second course i registered for was attended by 11 participants;                               
11. During that course I slept four weeks in Room 218 = 11 and three weeks in Room 118 = 11 !

This is the series of 11 for the Yoga trainings. Other numbers  during that journey include:

- Seat 74 on the train to Rishikesh = 11;

- Seat 65 on the train back to Delhi = 11

- 15th Course cycle for 300 hrs YTTC = 9 number

-  Second course started May 17th 2015 ended June 27th 2015 = 44 = 8  (good number)

That was a very special journey indeed !Read more on Synchronicities and Cluster Numbers with Trish Mc Gregor scroll down on our reading recommendations and find her publications.