Upgrade Your Practice: Combo package to 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

Ever wondered what happened after taking a 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India? It may be quite likely  the bug is settled in,and your practice of "improving your own being" got out of its way so nicely that you are ready for an upgrade. Better, in this case, take the combo package, 500hrs in one go. Thirteen consecutive weeks of practice, theory, anatomy, philosophy and meditation, kryas and yoga nidra,  will surely get you on a high, and allow your heart and soul to forgive the lows.
When the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training set the standards and got you used to sequencing Surya Namaskar, Virabhadrasana I and II and Janu Sirsasana into one session and your assignment is your own Yoga instructions manual with verbal and alignment cues, rest assured, that when signing up for the combo package, some more damage on your ego will surely get you wobbling, your breathing patterns will significantly change and, all in all, the re-programming of your DNA will be definitely in charge of your own being by then.

When in India do like the Indians do! Learn to waive your head right and left and left to right signaling presence in physical form, yet probably in mental "reformulation mode" regarding a recent query.  Morover, when in India for a combo 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, follow the "guru" instructions: do not eat heavily the evening before Krya day. Please listen to this advice carefully: Krya day will fasten your reprogramming, reduce the size of your stomach, modify the taste in your mouth, create some space in your throat, make breathing patterns deeper, especially after extracting the caterer from your nose, and, just in case it was not enough to loose some extra kg on your waist line, eventually, set you free from all cravings on imported dark chocolate and other super power crackers - at least for a while.

Why is it so? When Patanjali codified the Yoga Sutras into one set of 196 verses, he  - it is assumed Patanjali was a man- skillfully prescribed good and not so good "vrittis" (propensities)  to follow. He also went on and on at explaining how "citta vikshepa " (distractions of the mind) will affect your practice, distracting you from the highway you embarked, establishing incongruences that will slow down the path to Samadhi" (nirvana, or bliss). In case your desire is to remain on the priority lane though, then Patanjali suggests you reinforce the basic principles of abhyasa and vairagya, (disciple and regularity) all the way towards reaching the super highway for "siddhis", or special powers. Well, maybe not immediately, you see, it apparently takes twelve (12) years of regular daily disciplined practice before one can consider oneself  "a Yoga Guru". Just in case you wondered your 500hrs Certification is a one-size fit all yoga expert: your practice starts with your Certificate. This is the trick you have probably not thought about before. Everything is upside down. Remember this very clearly, it is crystal clear as soon as you unroll your mat the first day, nothing will ever be the same in your practice,be it you practiced 100, 200 or 1,000 hours and poured buckets of sweat of your mat or not.

The reason is simple. Yoga Asana is only one of the eight (8) limbs of Ashtang Yoga, and there still is a lot on your plate or mat to be precise,  to navigate your way through the other seven (7) limbs. Be it that the hyper mobility of your joints allows you  to tough your head with your feet smoothly in Vrkchishasana (scorpio pose) you will need to tick the box on the status of your "yamas" and "nyamas" (ethical codes with yourself ,others and the world around) . The other way around, if your are on your way to a  BKS Iyengar-style Trikonasana be prepared to just work on Trikonasana in all its dimensions: be the wall, with a brick under your heel,  metatarsals nicely sucked in on your front foot, using the window as a regulator to keep the hips glued to the wall and not sticking out to keep them opened with a torso aligned. Just use that chair, the strap, the side table, all the bolsters needed to just get your structural body to understand the alignment, your brain to release possible fears of self confidence, and your muscles to get the code of the pose casted within their fibers. It iwll never leave you. Provided your practice is regular.  Be prepared to just do that, over and over and you will be fine. All is good, all are family, yoga is for everyone and each of us has a way to learn something.

Pranayama will also change breathing patterns for good. Keep the eyes closed at all times, mind your own business, do not wait for others to start Anulom Vilom (alternate nostrils breathing),  and Ujayi breathing (victorious breathing). When performing Kapalabhati, isolate the lower belly, to prepare the Udhyana bandha to be nicely contracted at the end of the 100 strokes that it will be equivalent to three espresso shots in one go. Energy levels in your whole body and mind will even fade away the desire of any espresso! Simple, cost effective and long lasting too: Pranayama, when performed with good will, welcoming attitude and thoughtless mind, is your guarantee for Insurance free health programme. Perfectly comfortable and comfortably perfect connection from head to toe - sorry, from Mooldhara Chakra (root chakra) to Sahashara Chakra (Crown chakra).

Pranayama benefits are medically proven to lower breathing patterns to the point that the Bohr Effect, the exchange of Oxygen, CO2, and transportation of hemoglobine in the blood remain healthy all the way.  The mouth of the sushuma will open, the snake shaped energy channel will open wide and wont let you leave your mat.

The upside of all these processes and transformations will be a more coherent higher self. It is hoped that you will have left behind sweat, probably tears, sure enough ego scratches, and certainly found a purpose for your practice from then on. Observations of group dynamics also make it that bonds are being created within the students "sangha" (pali word for community) and you most likely will leave the place with more friends, less cloths, more experience and less Ego. This is all for the better for your karma yoga path, your devotion to your own preferred deity, your overall understanding and knowledge of yoga philosophy, and yes, your Hatha yoga practice too.

Yoga is a science of behavioural changes.It will decode your habit patterns, even in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog), improve your self awareness, enlighten you on your sol's purpose and send you on a Seva path  (service to others) with humbleness. So my theacher was correct, Yoga is all about improving your own being, then only you can think about living with integrity. On the mat and away from the mat, be authentic, be a role model, and carry yourself with yoga embodiement. That will signal your Koshas (subtle energy bodies) that your ego-less actions are connected with the unifed field and your state of bliss is, about to, become permanent. Sorry, nothing is permanent, only perpetual, never ever stopping including inthe after life!

At Rishikesh Yog Peeth, I have learnt a great deal of humourism on my own practice. Check them out, there are some awesome teachers over there!

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