Beginners Solo Mama Yogi Journey

In this current incarnation, my life has taken various paths. Like branches of a banyan tree most of them have given birth to healthy beautiful green leaves, and as in the natural cycle of nature, change has also taken place. Green leaves becoming brown and falling off giving space to other growing buds. Approximately four to five changes have unfolded. From the dancer to the corporate international manager and humanitarian worker to Holistic Healer, Life Coach and Yoga instructor. I have given life to a beautiful mixed-race daughter who grew up as a third culture child,
set up one Healing studio and developed a broader vision establishing a fully fledged Yoga and Well being Studio outreaching to unusual geographical areas for a healing business: Burkina Faso.

My daughter was a beautiful being, strong and healthy, smart and joyful, patient and graceful. Experiencing her sudden passing in my own hands in just about twelve hours from high fever, reshuffled all my life cards with no exceptions.  It also triggered the immediate and expanded use of all the healing tools ever acquired and learned in the past  two decades. Moreover, it kicked my life into a deeper self-discovery path. The sale of all belongings, the handing over of the studio, my daughter into ashes here I was with two small luggage and a journey to unfold deeper.

I am writing this post from the foothills of the Himalayas where I have been attending a Yogi initiation course. By the time I will leave this place, twelve weeks will have passed during which i eventually will have surely known new tools yet i will have learned to grieve in silence of my aloneness and cleared some foundations to set a new path in my journey: The Solo Mama Yogi Journey. I miss my companion like the sea would miss water yet I know she hears me, she sees me, and she even visits us here. So I am at peace. I am learning to live in a reality where Naaila is ever present in her absence.

Namaste everyone !