The Gene Keys - Sequences for Uncovering Your Genius

At this time of world change, the Gene Keys are a new world teaching whose purpose is to support and empower a quantum leap in consciousness among humanity. In this introductory call, Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys, explains how human DNA already contains the codes of our higher purpose, both individually and as a species. As a language designed to interface with our DNA through deep contemplation and meditation, the 64 Gene Keys can be used to unlock the cellular codes inside your body and activate the higher currents of your individual genius.

The central premise of the Gene Keys is that every human being has an innate higher purpose in life, and this purpose lies hidden within your DNA. The Gene Keys provide you with the means to understand and unlock this great secret inside yourself and release your genius into the world.

They do so through our attitude, by which we mean our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. The latest breakthroughs in the new biology are showing that the most powerful medium that dictates our life at a genetic level is our attitude. Most people do not realise that every cell in your body is rebuilt and redesigned several times every hour, and your whole brain is recycled every other month. We human beings are constantly under construction! It is our attitude that is programming the quality of that architecture all the time. So you have to ask yourself what kind of frequencies you are programming into your own DNA on a daily basis. If for example, you scream at someone in rage, you are actually imprinting that in every cell of your body. Conversely, when you express love or create something beautiful, the DNA of every cell in your body builds that into your chemistry. The Gene Keys are a language that allows us to shift our attitude from a low frequency to a high frequency life. And this creates a completely different kind of life – it’s lighter, more radiant, more joyous, more spontaneous, more natural and ultimately far more loving.

It is a powerful system of self-awareness, awakening to your core essence, connecting and transmuting.Watch this short Introductory Video where Richard Rudd explains the key premises of the system.

My experience: 
Personally I am finding this quite quintessential, thrilling and amazingly powerful. A journey of contemplation, exploration and re-birth.

My encouragement to you:

Visit the Gene Keys Website and get your free Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile or click here:

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 Enter the world of your DNA, explore your potential, uncover your Genius, find your Siddhi and work with your shadows to embrace You and totally You. 

The Gene Keys are about living a life of genius. Genius is an often-misunderstood word. Every one of us is born a genius. It’s not about having a huge intellectual capacity – it’s about finding your higher purpose in life – that thing that sets you apart from all others. It’s about finding that thing of greatest beauty inside you and releasing that into the world. We have all seen, heard of and perhaps even met human beings with extraordinary qualities – people who radiate a presence or a sense of the beyond – and who seem beyond the suffering of the rest of humanity. And yet these kinds of states are the natural flowering of our human evolution, and they actually exist inside us as a dormant potential in our DNA. The Sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to unlock that vast potential inside yourself.

The Book:
The Gene Keys book is a journal of awakening, a true hologenetic encounter with the structure of your DNA. Click to explore.

For more information the Gene Keys Website

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