Dream as Tara

I had a dream. I was supposed to take an airplane but the sky was very heavy and it seemed as though flights were delayed. As i watched the sky I saw orbs coming in towards me and then this West-Asian-Looking woman approached the place where I was laying down (?) and started to ask to look at people's feet. When my turn came i showed her my left foot with grace as she saw my foot she started to walk back in awe and at the same time a group of West-Asian-Looking women started to walk in chanting Tara mantra at me the palm of their hands turned to the sky while the other woman continued to walk back in awe at the sight of my feet.  I walk up with this feeling of being Tara with  mission. As a matter of fact although I have been un-well for 20 days now battling Malaria but certainly severe indigestion and bacterial intestinal infection I had not practice yoga for a while, this morning i walked to my yoga mat and started a serious heavy Kundalini Yoga Krya with a purpose of cleansing my body.... This dream keeps being on my mind as a matter of fact I am also flying back to Asia on Sunday.

What an omen! Here more about Tara