What is Your Social Responsiblity ?

Have you noticed the change occurring these days with people changing mindset, corporations being bankrupted, and new type of business flourishing?  Social transformation is undergoing and it takes people to great length to change their job, change their values, change location, allowing new ideas to shape their templates and even get rid of templates all together!

This is what Georgia Levenson Kehoana writes about it " In less than a generation , we have witnessed a tectonic shift in the way people think about and work toward social change. The reasons are myriad and stem from both disaffection - impatience withe existing programs and policies - and idealism - a profound desire for meaningful world that makes positive impact on the world. The groundswell of new activism, or what we call social entrepreneurship, is manifest across society as creative change makers test new solutions to entrenched social, economic and environmental problems. "

This book is not about entrepreneurs. It is about social entrepreneurship....