Vision Vs Dreams

Having a vision is far more powerful than just having dreams. Although dreams can feed your vision, dreams usually lack strategic move. They are useful to release 'happiness' hormones and an overall state of feeling good, however most often digging the back of the drawer we find that having dreams is a status quo
something we tend to push for a probable, tomorrow, a maybe or even later event. The corollary of having dreams is then to have a Vision that will have a dynamic move, a rhythm and a plan, or a strategy basically moving you from WHAT to HOW at least in the 'next few steps' necessary to make it happen. Then you are embarked on a path towards contentment, well-being and integral growth.  To support our ideas, here is a highly inspiring Video " Why Happiness is the New Productivity " the Story of MindValley . Watch it and Growth by the minute!.

" This speech was voted as one of the top 3 speeches of the entire event (along with Tony Hsieh and motivational speaker Sean Stephenson). Vishen talks about Flow: The Ultimate State of Human Existence. He then shared 10 tips on how to master this state and how to bring it to teams, families, and groups you lead. This isn't what you'd learn about in MBA school. Vishen confesses he has no business training (his degree is in Computer Science). But either way, Mindvalley is growing rapidly and averaging 80% growth year to year every year for the last FIVE years straight. And this growth has been done without any outside investment, funded by just $250 Vishen used to hire his first website designer in 2003."