Integrity Vs Personal Gains

Integrity is my essence. Not that I differ from many fellow inhabitants on this Earth plane, however for me integrity is not only a value it is a deep sense of not allowing any compromises of any sorts that would waive the expression of my own truth.  As a Reiki Master Teacher i certainly put a great value at expressing integrity in all my undertakings be they classes or treatments. I cannot promise you anything, miracles or radical transformations, I can only guide you to find your own truth. This is also an expression of my integrity.

The world's mainstream paradigm of growth for personal gains is about to be earth-shattered, replaced by what I call human-friendly cooperation, sharing, peer support and integrity!.  Personal gains are dreadful and under many disguise - such as anger, embezzlement, ego-centered behaviours - disrupt friendships and partnerships. At large they stain human relations of their basic characteristic: sharing, listening and  loving. In the past few days, I was challenged in my integrity, I was called to enter a territory of personal conflicts, of struggle for power, of misunderstandings, and ego-related exchanges. I chose to ignore the space, I chose to ignore the call, I chose to wipe out the negative energy thrown at me. The way you display your interactions with other is your karma, make sure you know how you react and respond. I chose silence and silence will prevail!.

I recently came to re-read about an ancestral West African tradition of ' Joking Relationships Between Kinship" These are not only humour-based frank communication channels between kinship aiming at entertaining relations, they also have a formal influence of mediation. The power of joking relationships is in their integral form of preserving peace-full relations between kinship, anchor to social harmony. Forms of these expressions can be witnessed at funerals, weddings, meetings, or informal gatherings between co-workers and friends. Their purpose is to keep alive the relation and prevent misleading behaviours. One country I personally know quite well, Burkina Faso,  is known to entertain joking relationships between its three main ethnic groups, Mossi, Bobo and Peuhl Fulani amongst other small groups and is praised for being able to keep social conflicts at minimal levels in a region marked by long-standing conflicts.  Other countries in the region and in Africa at large practice Joking Relationships as a means to entertain peace-full kinship relationships.

Those joking relationships are interesting because they allow what could be a personal view or a personal conflict to be translated in to a humorist form ( i.e. a joke) based on cultural traits, and hence de-personalise its content, while allowing integral essence of the ethnic group to be maintained.

In other words, the essence of a group is expressed with integrity as a purpose to maintain its ancestral roots to a respective social-cultural package of beliefs - and stereotypes - while allowing for translating possible clashes into explicit mediation and preservation of the larger group identity!

In the past few days as I bumped into these anthropological readings, I realised how integrity is key to the paradigm of peace-full human-relations. Long live Integrity in all its forms and certainly from a Reiki perspective to the pure core essence of Energy Healing for the self: look into yourself before you treat others!  What can you say about your-self that you are about to say about others as healing encompassed physical body and transcends layers of emotional and subtle bodies healing processes. !

To conclude here some recent Recommendations about my work from a Professional Coach I came to love as a dear friend:

  "It is all about synchronicity! I came to know Isabella and Healing Mudras late 2012. In my role as guide and personal growth facilitator, I came to recognise and appreciate Isabella's commitment to her personal growth and to partnering for personal and social transformation. I have gotten to know an individual who has, through the professional relationship in Personal Growth as well as through the personal Reiki healing work, become a friend and co-traveler on the journey of transformation. I have been challenged by Isabella's raw authenticity in everything she does, something I value in the people I interact with. She is a person of encouraging and inspiring integrity, insight and intuitive knowing. It has been an honour traveling with Isabella and Healing Mudras thus far and will remain a privilege to continue out partnership in transformation." 

Love & Light to All!