Allow Healing to Heal & Grow Consciousness

One thing I have learned since I started to engage in healing practice is Healing takes time but it really heals. Meaning that the combination of courage, commitment, patience, trust, and intuition create the perfect blend for healing to heal and transform Yourself and Life around you as per the simple law of cyclic influence. Let's reflect back for a moment.
In 13 years of daily healing practice on myself by various means which I will detail later, I have eliminated to the roots the following in-balances: weekly headaches alternated with severe migraines which had become worse in time, I used to be regular smoker for 25 years and stopped in one day at 40 which obviously unfolded other in-balances to be treated with more healing, got rid of lumps in the breast and the ovaries, eliminated deep rooted anger, stopped taking any light over the counter medicine (paracetamol), completely healed a bad C-section scar, and I also started to practice regular conscious selection of food-intake and quality in conjunction with greater global awareness on the mis-use of pesticides and hormones in our food. I also stopped drinking the little quantity of alcohol I was taking. So I am clean you say. Well yes I am healthy and certainly am happy with my self-achievements. I noticed to day that indeed in the past 5 years since I further my Reiki practice and grew consciousness on natural healing and integral well-being, I never have headaches, cold, sore throats, pain after exercise, bad stomach, or anything related to in-balances. Furthermore, my daughter gains from this as she follows my steps and is hardly un-well.
Hence I am grateful for the courage and patience I have learned to grow. Certainly healing takes time and as I allow to indulge in listening to my bio-rhythm I am certainly more in-tune with my body language and inner voice. SO what did I do to reach this point:

- Practice Reiki on a daily basis on myself;
- Select food intake from the basic principle of Healthy &Happy: 40% cooked / 60% raw
- Select ingredients from organic sources or I prefer not to eat;
- Eliminated all body care products not made from natural ingredients and packed with perfumes and animal tested; 
- Have accepted that healing takes courage and have gone through major healing crisis such as heavy sweat, heavy vomiting, heavy release of cry, loads of sleep, and a huge amount of patience,
- Practice Zen meditation - Zazen on a weekly basis up to 6 hours a week;
- Learned from others, listened to stories and researched on Conscious Well-Being;
- Systematically opted for Healthy,  Natural; Organic and Non -Invasive therapies including dentistry;
- Practice Yoga and Pranayama to release toxins
- Started to Believe so much in what I wanted that it had no Choice but to materialise;
- Eliminated negative people from my surroundings,
- Engaged in practicing heart-centered beliefs even more than before;
- Used crystals as firm allies; 

So you would say, what a hard-core healer! Maybe yes, however i do feel good and more so, if I had to do it again, I would do it again and start even earlier than I actually did!