Spirit of the Heart

Why does LoVe make everything acceptable? LoVe raises our consciousness on the fact that each human being has come to this Earth plane to live his/her own experiences and that the only thing to do is to LoVe. Move from the Mind to the Heart and focus your attention on your heart-center, feel the pulsations, feel the beat, listen to the resonance. This is YOUR beat,
your own rhythm your essential beat. It generates LoVe, and when we remain still and open our heart to the essential beat, nothing else counts, than the LoVe that generates LiFe it self through the Beat. We encourage You to Live by the BEat of your Heart. Be the Beat of the Heart. Be the Spirit of Your Heart - Be LoVe - The only thing that counts. LoVe. Here, yet again, a beautiful Spirit appeared by my screen and landed these Insightful Reflections we are bound to share.

To go further on the LoVe and Light Wave that is encapsulating Earth at the moment, we will share Lee Harris Energy Forecast for April 2013. Lee is a very intuitive and focused, his monthly Energy Forecast are a breath of fresh air. For the past two months or so, our experience of the LoVe Wave has also been very dynamic, and shifting a number of experiences around. 

" The emergence of light is stronger than ever, and in this month’s energy forecast I mention how the Earth herself is activating now, pulsing energy waves upwards which we are feeling strongly in our bodies, emotions and actions. These waves are activating our personal internal Earths - root/base chakra and hearts. These chakras are pulsing, cleansing out all that is unwanted or old, and drawing in higher energies for you all of the time. " Read further or listen to his VDO. 

Heartfelt Namaste to you on this Bright Loving Day