Cosmic Diamond Dreamcatcher

August 2000, New York, United Nations Secretariat - Second Floor - Diplomatic Lounges - Tribal Leaders Annual General Assembly Meeting. This year the meeting carries a special scent as it is a precursor meeting for the Millennium Assembly. This Native American tall, handsome man is walking in front of me his headpiece is swaying  at the rhythm of his footsteps.
Tall, handsome is what I remember as I could not contain my admiration for his aura as I walked behind him engulfed in the rhythm of his footsteps as a dancer in trance at the beat of the drums. One single thought in my mind, this is NOT a coincidence. This was meant to be, I have admired the Native Americans (and African societies as well)  since early age, their colourful and metaphoric language, their tribal social organisation and their dances. I'd love to know the origins of these beautiful feathers.

As I had not yet finished my thought, a feather fell from the Headpiece straight in front of my shoes. Laying there in front of me, I bowed at it and picked it up. Since then, it's been with me. I love it. Now I have decided to give myself a Native American inspired name and the one that came intuitively to my mind is Cosmic Diamond Dream catcher.

Cosmic: I love the planets, connection of our Soul, the beautiful Universe. In this I am an Aquarius
Diamond: the 3D shape of my Astrological map
Dream catcher: I always lived my life as though It was a dream and never will stop doing so.