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There are moments in life when what you looking for and what you encounter just meet and match. Grounded in my Reiki background, I planted the seed of Healing Mudras in early 2009 at a moment my life completely turned over. The purpose of HM evolved and journeyed  together with my search for establishing a multi-disciplinary holistic hub somewhere in the world and currently in Lao PDR. As a healing practitioner since 1999, I learned to become a junior healer then a professional healer and complemented my skills along the way with tools my intuition gave to explore. Since early 2010 I had been looking for a Professional Coaching Course possibly matching financial requirements, time-schedule, location and single parenthood obligations. Not an easy combination when living in a country afar from mainstream Coaching Courses locations. Two years along that (sometimes bumpy)  road, I met Brian Solomon from U Yah Tal Empowerment, based in Hua Hin,
and lifted the veil of my inner search. For an ounce of the cost I would have had to invest to attend a course somewhere else, regardless of the other conditions I had to gather, and for so many more reasons still being explored as I write, I only have a simple recommendation: High recommended!  I did the Personal Empowerment Life Coaching with Brian between October 2012 and January 2013 and continued with the Professional Life Coaching Programme. The forthcoming Workshop carded for April 2013 is one opportunity not be missed!  Read Further from Brian himself.

Dear Friends,

U-Yäh-tal Empowerment invites you to invest in your future and the future of your community and to join us in Hua Hin, Thailand, 22-28 April, 2013, for an empowering and holistically transformative experience.

“Most of us settle for far less in our lives than we are capable of achieving”. The Premise upon which the Personal Empowerment Workshop and Coaching Programme of U-Yäh-tal Empowerment is built, is that there are several reasons we don’t have what we want in our lives and are not achieving the quality of life we truly desire for ourselves:

•             We really do not know what we want
•             We do not know how to define or articulate what we want for our lives
•             We do not know how to define the next steps and grow the courage, discipline a                        and commitment towards the desired NOW and our preferred FUTURE
•             We do not have the tools to grow PRESENCE and manifest our desired FUTURE
•             We need to be reminded of the tools we have used in our lives and need to                  regain access to them
•             We know about all of the tools and resources, but are not using them appropriately to take us toward our desired NOW and our preferred FUTURE
              Transform Yourself - Transform Your World
                   An Empowering Workshop

A. PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP - 22-28 April, 2013/max 50 hours:

This a six-day workshop for individuals, leaders, change-makers who are growing their awareness, becoming alive to themselves and others and who have a desire to transform their personal lives and the life of the communities they are part of. It is designed for those who are courageous to engage in some deep personal work in order to be fully present to the personal and societal shifts our times are requiring of us. The workshop will be conducted in English. However, we will facilitate making translators available to those needing support.

The workshop will align itself with the basic empowerment model of SELF-AWARENESS, VISION CRAFTING, TRANSFORMATION AND GROWING EDGE WORK (Available on request or visit http://uyahtal-empowerment.com/the-empowerment-model/ ). It will focus on all areas of your personal life from work on Emotions, to Relationships, Sexuality, Money, Work/Career, Spirituality, etc.

We will practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation to grow our presence, self- responsibility, belief in self, grow a positive attitude and trust, enhance our ability to flow with change and tap more effectively into our personal sources of power.

We will engage various forms of information sharing, story-telling for peer learning, as well as visualisation techniques, artistic expression, music and healing dance for experiencing community support in our personal growth process.

B. HUA HIN COMMUNITY EXCHANGE FAIR - 22-27/Full-day 28 April, 2013/max 10 hours:

Woven into and in support of the central PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP, we will provide exposure to other forms of personal empowerment through Dance, Yoga, Energy Healing Practices, Empowered Living through artistic expression, etc.

If you are joining us as Change-Maker with a specific service in personal and community well-being, you invited to use this opportunity to showcase your gift, skill, capability and service that contribute to personal and social well-being and transformation in Hua Hin and other locations. For this, you are encouraged to bring along your business cards, brochures, any products and audio-visual materials. Please be sure to indicate interest in being part of the Hua Hin Community Exchange Fair, through which an exchange of such services will be facilitated, when you register for the workshop.

The workshop will end 27 April, 2013 with a celebration of dance (Biodanza) for all registered participants. All participants who have registered for the Personal Empowerment Workshop (22-28 April) are exempt from any additional charges.

Closing off the entire week, on Sunday, 28 April, 2013, we will open to the public the opportunity to experience an intensive Biodanza workshop with lots of fun, healing, community dancing. For more information on Biodanza, please visit https://www.facebook.com/BiodanzaHuaHin?ref=hl

All healers, change-makers, service providers for community and personal well-being are invited to use this opportunity on Sunday, 28 April, 2013, to be available to the public , present their projects and services and be available to for question and answer.

C. INTENSIVE COACHING DIALOGUE: Philosophy, Purpose and Practices of Personal Empowerment Coaching – 16-19 April/28 hours

Prior to the Empowerment Workshop, we shall be engaging in approximately 28 hours of focused dialogue on the philosophy, purpose, merits and practices of Personal Empowerment Life Coaching. This dialogue is intended for all who wish to explore the potential for applying the skill of being a life coach in their personal and professional situations.

This will be facilitated by a team of professional and personal coaches currently operating in Thailand and South Africa. Please see our website for a profile description on our facilitators http://uyahtal-empowerment.com/global-network/associates/

This is a separate event, but flows into the Empowerment workshop which will take place during the following week 22-28 April, 2013.

Coaching Dialogue participants will have an opportunity to deepen their experience of the Empowerment Model during the Personal Empowerment Workshop 22-28 April 2013.


I. EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP – 22-27 April, 2013

* Fee is calculated per person for the full 6-day workshop

What you get:
•             Intuitive and well-structured personal growth and well-being facilitation based on the   Empowerment Model (see link) by a team of committed personal growth and healing facilitators from Thailand, France, Italy, South Africa
•             40-50 Hours of facilitated group interaction, personal and social exploration
•             A wholesome, healthy lunch
•             Refreshments throughout the day
•             Kundalini Yoga Workshop and Guided Meditation facilitated practice during the workshop
•             Additional Healing and Artistic Expression sessions after workshop hours
•             Guided Artistic Expression and BIODANZA workshop Saturday, 27 and Sunday, 28 April
•             Exposure to global networks of change-makers
•             An opportunity for social interaction for those resident in Hua Hin
•             Certificate of Participation and Completion

Full Package: 6 Days/40-50 hours THB 20,000 per person

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT; Register before 30 March, 2013, and you become eligible for a 10% discount on this already affordable rate.


Please see our website for information on Special Terms and Conditions http://uyahtal-empowerment.com/general-terms-and-conditions/ or contact us at +66 81 920 3563 for further information.

For a full programme, please send your request to info@uyahtal-empowerment.com


* Fee is calculated per person per day

Full Day: 5 hours, with a minimum of 10 participants THB 1,800 per person per day

Kindly register for the Intensive Biodanza Community Dance Experience by 30 March 2013

This is an additional, externally facilitated workshop. NO SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY!

III. INTENSIVE COACHING DIALOGUE: Purpose, Philosophy and Practices of Personal Empowerment Coaching – Block One

Full Workshop: 3 ½ Days/28 hours THB10 000 per person
This is an additional workshop and should be seen separately from the Empowerment Workshop described under ‘A’.

* Fee is calculated per person for the full 6-day workshop which includes:

What you get:
•             Intuitive and well-structured facilitation and guidance by a team of Personal Empowerment and Professional Coaches fromThailand and South Africa
•             Open dialogue and exploration
•             28 Hours plus joint excursions (at own additional cost) of personal and facilitated group interaction, learning from others who
are engaged as coaches
•             A wholesome, healthy lunch
•             Refreshments throughout the day
•             Guided Kundalini Yoga and meditation facilitated practice during the workshop
•             Exposure to global networks of change-makers
•             An opportunity for social interaction for those resident in Hua Hin
•             Blocks 2 and 3 at a reduced additional cost – Subject to Special Terms and Conditions (For detail on the full Coaching Course,
please send your request to info@uyahtal-empowerment.com)

For a full workshop programme, kindly send your request to info@uyahtal-empowerment.com

SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY if you are attending both the Intensive Coaching Dialogue AND the Personal Empowerment Workshop– Please see our website for information on Special Terms and Conditions http://uyahtal-empowerment.com/general-terms-and-conditions/ or contact us at +66 81 920 3563 for further information.

1.            Register as participant at all or any one of the three events
2.            Support us in the preparation phase by making your planning and organisational skills available
3.            Keep your personal and professional networks informed of the event
4.            Assist in building strategic partnerships for this event
5.            Assist with logistics and comfort services before and/or during the event
6.            Provide accommodation or recommend accommodation for guests from outside Hua Hin
7.            Pledge support in the form of required resources

A final, important note: Should you not be able to participate in this series of workshops for whichever reason, would you be willing to pass the message around and begin getting people exposed to this option for their personal development?

As you are aware, there are various approaches to personal well-being and support of each other in our personal growth, this workshop being one of them. It is intended to be a workshop that will open up our minds to finding the approach that serves us best, to finding our own truth.

For this reason, it is our intention also to expose participants to various forms and practices and to allow them insight into the options they have at their disposal here in Hua Hin, for personal and social well-being.

So, please do consider, not only informing others of this opportunity, but also of being available to workshop participants to showcase your projects and services, even if you do not participate in the workshop itself.

We look forward to your response as we step up our planning and preparation for this event and welcome your registration.

To stay updated on developments, progress, terms and conditions regarding the Personal Empowerment Workshop and Community Exchange Fair, please consult our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UYAHTAL/ or http://uyahtal-empowerment.com/

Thanks for taking the time engage with us.

If you need to speak with me directly, please feel free to contact me at info@uyahtal-empowerment.com, or +66 81 920 3563.

With much regard,

Peace, Light and Love!

Brian for U-Yäh-Tal Empowerment

Brian A. Solomon I Founder/Managing Director

          Social Transformation…….One Person, One Community at a time!
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“…people are willing to change if they have a compelling  vision and are provided tools to help them bring it into being.” David Gershon
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