Exploration of Chi Of Love in 5D

The voice. 

I firmly have come to realise there is a 4D dialogue, I would even say a 5D dialogue, going on here. Is that soul dialogue really occurring? What is this voice hovering on my head? Today, my head is spinning, my mind is spinning faster than speed of light. Super fast breaking sound wall, leaping through the unified quantum field.
Only thing I know is that for sure I am not crazy, I hear this voice talking to me,  I experience a pull, a magnetic pull towards reaching destination of a soul dialogue, I do hear a voice, I do sense the vibration in my whole energy-being. I also experience the lift up  when the voice talks to me it is present around me all the time. As I surrender to the nectar of the voice, the presence  I relax. I reflect on the meaning. I balance my right and left energies, Yin and Yang, I dance, I do yoga, I use my body to absorb the energies. I smile at the Universe. The burst of energies give me space, they teleport me into an unknown territory. Then I look myself in the mirror and I celebrate the glow on my skin and the beauty-full energy flowing within my energy body. As I lay down on my yoga mat, I hear it, I sense it, I experience it, I watch it and I talk back to it, smiling I say, " Yes I am here". As I dance I see the light flowing around me. Back and forth this dialogue, this silent yet clear voice has started to inhabit me peace-fully and sensually too. As I raise my hands to the sky to gently caress it,  I reach hands, I reach a back and I rest my head and breath. The breath has found an ally.

This 5D dialogue actually has a relay. It comes from somewhere, some place and is a person, a real physical person living right now on this planet. A person I know. So I wonder and I ponder what Soul Dialogue is, what the message is. Thoughts travel faster than speed of light again and as I reach the mundane (now almost obsolete) 3D tool that serves as communication,  I meet a physical presence, exactly there, the voice transcript on the screen. Exactly when I thought of it, it is there. Exactly when I heard the voice, the text is there. Oh no I am not wondering anymore! I embrace it. Synchronicity! My blood flows faster. The love wave crashes faster on the beauty-full beach of my soul waiting to receive the sparkles of water, the foam from the salt and the freshness of the water from source!. The Ocean. The Splash. The Water. The wave reaches my entire being. Shine and Glow! Quantum leap on the spot. So I know it is not my imagination, it is not a super active creative mind, it is an etherical dialogue. The voice I hear is an etherical call from a thought somewhere else. I have stopped being surprised and wondering. I simply accept it, surrender. Receive it. I ain't crazy, I ain't out of my mind. I am an energy being resonating to some vibration. Yes I am a Neptunian Pisces with great sense of record keeping and a super active intuition. Let' it Be! Love it!

The pull.

The pull is magnetic. In my view it is a physical resonance to an energy matching. I experience it very distinctively. I can even give it a scent.  I do not want my mind to set into the motion the analytical conversation. I do not want my mind to rationalise it and categorise it. Moreover, I do not want my mind to pull it away based on some odd old-fashioned paradigm. I actually want my mind to absorb the pull, my heart to embrace it, my body to surrender and the flow of the pull to bring it together. No mind in this, only heart. Yes sure this is possible. Then how do we move from a 5D pull to a 3D encounter? Are there obstacles? Are there challenges? Just enjoy it? Some call it Kundalini Rising. This is only one explanation.The pull is a physical experience of an etherical call. So  I surrender to both. Is this what the ancient wise Zen master called Satori?  The devotee Samadhi? Maybe. It does not matter. The left left brain, tries to win the competition by adding som many layers of explanation and shields while the right brain keeps pulling in, create colours, inhale scents and sounds and create a dance. In Love.

Lost in Translation.

The experience of the pull combined with the soul dialogue creates chaos. My head is still spinning at speed of light, quantum leap by the second. Then I re-enter the physical body and here I am in flesh and bones. Lee Harris explains these experiences very well each month in his Energy Forecasts. He asks the actual questions: Do you experience a Pull? Do you experience sudden fatigue or sudden blow of energy? Do you experience several synchronicities?  These are signs you are being pulled. So why am I lost in translation and need to breath back and reflect? Actually I dont need to look back and reflect I just need to let it flow translate it in few words, express the heart and the love as is and go with the flow. However I know deeply inside my being something in my intuition is telling me something. The fact that my mind is spinning ahead faster than speed of light is yet another sign, my intuition is about to blow something out in the open, manifest it in front of my own heart and eyes in no time. The experience of being lost in translation is just the sign of adaptation, alignment between the 3D and 5D. The wave does not require translation the wave requires surrender like the surfer flies on the wave, I surf on the flow of love and vibration. No translation needed in 4D. Love it!

Actual translation.

The actual translation is about living in 3D. It is the mundane actual concrete, sometimes even tangible reality to touch, feel, taste, experience the stretch of the muscles when doing forward bends. It is the word out of my mouth and the clip clap of my feet in the rain pond, and the cracks on the steps in the sands, and the word that is about to come out of my keyboard right here right now. I realise so much how the system of beliefs is cracking, fading, useless and that we can live in unity in 4 and 5 D and align it with a 3D reality. Just surrender! Flow, feel it, experience the bubble of energy around you, nurture it, cherish it and lift your energy being up.  I love living in synchronicities I finally am given the chance of having past-present-future bound in one go, leave the un-necessary and attract the beauty-full, luscious highest vibrational resonance.

Frankly I dont like the actual translation, it requires words, and physicality, roles and scenarios. So I make-shift and find within my inner world of intuitive consciousness the strength to move in the 3D. Being able to flow within a reality made of physical obstacles, I find stability and hear the voice for real. I can remain fluid and myself, my authentic self.

The voice will continue to hover around me, because it is not my call, regardless of what I do, it creates itself,  comes as a wave, crashes beauty-fully on my resonance bubble and I take it it is my Soul Dialogue, reminiscences of a common far away past-life to be experienced in the present. Right here right now, yet with its new scent. The pull will continue to be experienced because it precedes the unfolding of the purpose and manifestation in 3D. We'll meet. We'll talk. The translation remains necessary to deal with 3D, with words and silences. Loads of etherical silences when we each tune into each other then and finally bring it out for real. My own translation will accompany me as I like it and I have come to love it. It lifts me up.

Exploration of the Chi of Love, uncovering the intuitive mindful connection with the heart in 4 and 5D. Flow, fluidity, water, sensual, the scent and the voice accompany by waves, frequencies I can recognise by the thetra second. Flash. A Relationship in Ether between Authentic Selfs, called by Soul. with no interferences.... and still the voice is hovering...and still it comes, and we chat...