Contraction or Expansion? You choose!

Here we are again! It's been long time since I felt contracted. What happened? Just as yesterday I was jumping in lightness and my heart was like a blossoming flower. Today in spite of excellent yoga and healing practice, I feel contracted. I know though emotions can change my DNA.
A growing body of evidence points to the fact that the more positive and active and lighthearted we are the better our bio-energy system becomes resilient and how we then use this resilience to build more positive and eventually modify the cellular state of our own system.  In his book "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief" Gregg Braden talks of the cognitive impulse the paradigms on which we base our belief system that can lead to modifying our very basic cellular structure: our DNA.  Why cognitive, simply because there must be a deep knowing experience relayed by a structured behaviour attached to it to make the change become a new 'meme'. The deep knowing itself is generated by a systematic self-awareness that  simply something must, and can change. The belief that we can change our bio-energy system must then first sink in, distill, and then can emerge as our new reality-maker. For Gregg Braden, the way we think of ourselves and our world is now more important than ever!We are at a choice point, a zero point where everything comes together in the same place, in the same moment, in front of us, right here right now, to create impulse and influence that change.

For instance for years you believed that what contracts you will contract you again under seemingly similar circumstances, or that what expanded you a\will keep expanding you under similar circumstances. One day out of the nowhere you are presented with conditions that could have contracted you in the past and that are not contracting you anymore. You let it go. You go with the flow.

I firmly believe that we have reached a point of possible blend of science, technology, spirituality and that by shifting our consciousness paradigm we can act in ways that seemed miraculous to our ancestors,impossible to ego-centered rational mindset and blind blowing to orthodox "new agers"

In other words we live in a world of infinite possibilities and we are part of it. It doe snot happen outside of us, it occurs right here and now within our core being. Another author, Reiki Master and DNA researcher dedicated a number of years studying DNA and its healing capacities is Kishori Aird. In Essence, Kishori provides a simple yet effective way to practice DNA modification exercises for us, interested in raising our vibration, in being able to read in between the lines of our reality. There is a way to think ourselves differently and as Braden says, that difference is where the spontaneous healing of belief begins. Now at time of evolution we are at point zero, a time when we are faced with our own mirrors, where everything happens at once. What you used to believe, what you believe and what you are about to believe meet at the same point. Chaos. Chaos is a great window opener, a great opportunity enhancer, once we provide it with the necessary belief that it will grow as a seed and not as a weed.  

So feeling contracted today, view it as a window opener, something is occurring inside that is about to dye off forever,  re-born in new shape, in new smile, in new breath. As my yoga teacher always repeats, your breath leads the movement, that is all you need to know to practice. The rest is only physicality. The breath is the connector between the mind, the body and the universe.  With a single breath you can change a whole set of beliefs just by putting the intention right there. 

To conclude here is an article on Heart Coherence and how important it is to keep resilience not as a water-proofed shield, rather as a soft heart, opened to thousands of little shocks because life is about that and expectations are meant to teach you to accept shocks as feather and not as stones. 

Heart Coherence is build by focusing on the bloodstream, the loving-kind blood which carries minerals and oxygen for you to live. Then only you need the mind to set the intention. This is where it starts, the intention that feeds your bio-energy system . 

Choose, contraction or expansion and build your heart-centered life in ways that will eventually raise your frequency.