Children & Meditation

A few days back, I taught a Yoga class at my daughter's school to children aged between 7 and 10.  They gave so much insights to an ordinary practice of mine that I feel compelled to share genuinely. As we started the class I asked them if they knew about Yoga. "Yes" they replied in choir. So I asked further " Do you know what Yoga is? " "Yes, it is something you do to be quiet and well!" "It is like gym but it is not gym" ; " It is about chanting 'Om"and relax! " were some of the answers. Ok! Well done, now "Do you know why breathing is important" Of course because it keeps you alive!

As we started the class with some basic breathing techniques this small group of 8 kids became as quiet as leaves on a tree with no wind! It only lasted 1 minute but I thought it was too sweet to see them closed eyes and practicing an ancient art. So here we started with some basic poses prior to moving on with Animal poses ( lion, Frog, camel, cat, dog, cobra) then as we went into tree I said " Hey look there is Wind and the branches move, so move a bit each side" ! Fun it was fun.

"Do you want to have a pause? " "Pause ?? No we LIKE it, No pause,!" as I noticed they would get very excited on some pauses, I alternated breathing with poses. and here we go with the benefits on breathing and meditation with children. It calmed them down each time after a pose we would go back to breathing, silent would reign on the porch!

When we concluded the 45 minutes class they all in choir asked me to come back again please soon!
I will be back lovelies, you are to sweet! As for my daughter, she watched us!

 So sweet!