Chi of Love from Rabi'a

The day I discovered Rabi'a Al Awadyyia Al Qayssya  in a New York Bookshop (East - West Bookshop nearby the Village) in August 2000, my heart opened wide as I read pages after pages of the Doorkeeper of the Heart. I did not purchase the book as it would add to quite along list. Instead I sat down in the Bookshop and wrote all eleven verses in a notebook and kept reading them until now. Time to put them electronically! Once in a while they re-emerge at very synchronised moments. "Doorkeeper of the Heart" translation by Charles Upton is a hail to Love & the Heart and an exploration of Chi of Love could not by-pass these verses.

Here my favourite ones:

I have two ways of loving You:
A selfish one
And another way that is worthy of You.
In my selfish love,
I remember You and You alone.
In that other love, You lift the veil
And let me feast my eyes on
Your Living Face.
That I remember You always,
or that I see You face-to-face--
No credit to me in either 
 The credit is to You in both. h- 

 I swear that ever since the first day
You brought me back to life,
The day You became my Friend,
I have not slept --
And even if You drive me from your door,
I swear again that we will never be separated--
Because You are alive in my heart.

 The real work is in the Heart:
Wake up your Heart!
Because when the Heart is completely awake,
Then it needs no Friend. 

 I set up a house for you in my heart
As a friend I could talk with 
I gave my body to someone else who wanted to embrace it
This body all in all is good enough for embracing
The friend who lives in my house
Is the lover of my heart!

Where a part of You goes
The rest of You will follow
given time
You call yourself a teacher
there fore, learn

In gratitude Light & Love.