Alignment with Source

When I start a Yoga class regardless whether there are new-comers or regulars in the room, I remind them of the same tip every time. We are 'Breath' ! Breath is the one most invaluable asset we are given at birth. We can have or aim at anything for ourself and our lives but we  won't reach anywhere without breath. Yoga is, first and most of all, reconnection with breath. A breath that will become movement and guide the body. A breath that will strengthen the bio-energy system we are build from. 
Some may add that meditation is also a practice of the breath and there is little to argue with this statement. However the intention, and the practice differ in essence. The intention in meditation as practiced in the East and explained mainly in Buddhist practices is to become one with the breath through stillness. The intention is mindfulness in stillness. Even walking meditation ( Kin-In in Zen) is practiced very slowly as the breath and the awareness moves to the feet. Yoga has a sort of more passionate dynamic use of breath which can include heavy and powerful breathing techniques as well as deep, slow breathing. The intention in yoga is NOT flexibility or competition, or showing off. The intention in yoga is to connect breath with movement and achieve a dynamic connection that will connect to our Soul. Yoga practices differ in their teachings and the rhythm of each class is for the beginner a pandora's box! I just want Yoga and I find at least ten different practices. Which one is good me?  The answer here is simple. The one good for you is the one you connect with, the one you find yourself authentic with the one that give lightness and joy to your mind-body connection. 
The relationship with Source is invaluable. Seek to find this relationship within yourself. Seek to find what really connects to yourself, your higher self and your own Soul. Seek to find what creates power within you. What makes you come alive, what gives sparkle to your passion. What is your passion? The answers to these questions will act as signals for your path, the path of finding your connection to Source. It may be un-settling in the first place to actually listen to the inner voice. However it is so rewarding, to clean up the clutter and let your breath bring oxygen the tiniest interstitial void of your cellular structure and rise up to eyes with a beauty-full sparkle.   
What will alignment with Source bring to you? Greater satisfaction, greater confidence, greater LoVe for yourself and others, greater vitality, and most of all Trust that the universe is an ally of yours! Once you align with Source you will find your life being lived with you in it and not as a separate entity! 
Watch out for what you wishing for yourself, It may catch you by surprise and in disguised in ways you least expected it in exponential versions! En-Joy life this all there is for you do  over her on this Earth plane.
  Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, 
who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective,
who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are,
is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful 
than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment. 
  [Abraham, Channeled by Esther Hicks]