What Does Meditation Mean to You?

Today I met Didi, whom by the way made my day!  I had not seen Didi in a while and it was great to meet her at the corner of the grocery store.  How had Didi been and her story reminded me that  'meditation' carries different meanings to any of us.  Now Didi told me clearly hers in her story and we chatted about yoga and meditation in a conversation with two similar but different stories.

First Didi is a meditation teacher and she told me she just returned from India where she got a certificate. As I wondered which certificate in meditation one can get, the answer in her story is simple as she explained that when you follow a certain meditation path you can teach certain forms of meditation which are taught with mantras and she got the second level of mantra meditation teacher. Simple yes?

From a strictly Zen perspective meditation is 'Zazen" and indeed to my knowledge and practice I started in the early 80's, meditation is Zazen, and Zazen is sitting meditation which means sitting meditation in zen-language.Then there is Kin -In which the Zen school walking meditation - put your brain in your feet!

Recently, our studio hosted a sweet loving couple a month back who are Kundalini Yoga teachers. Now we entering here another realm. Joining Yoga and Meditative Breathing makes you enter a world of trance. Kundalini Yoga practitioner will tell you that yoga is meditation and that breathing helps the meditation which carries a spiritual message. Hence the use of mantra. In Kundalini Yoga, breathing is the master, without breathing forget about practicing Kundalini Yoga.

Let's talk a bit about Vipassana meditation. Just because it is very wide-spread does not mean everyone knows what Vipassana means, however, it is considered the softer form of meditation and contemplation. It is also called Metta meditation or silent meditation. It spreads love within your being and makes you a gentler person. These are significant manifest results in most of those who practice this form of meditation. While a zen master can be gentle and soft, the discipline attached to the practice of zazen makes it less talkative and more focused to the void and observation of reality.

Then there are other forms of meditation involving mantra and affirmations and surely you know and/or practice one yourself. What about yoga? Some say Yoga is meditation of the body and that you cannot disconnect yoga from meditation and body and mind. What do you think?
We think that our bio-energy system is a body-mind-universe connection and it is difficult  from our point of view to disconnect what the body does with what the mind does and that the whole movement is connected to the quantum field of energy aka as the Universe.  Here we go, yoga and meditation connected again.

To return to the story of Didi, as we bowed to each other, I felt warmth in my body as her eyes were sparkling with joy, "It was so nice to meet you today. Thank you for passing my way" !  She said and went on her path. What a great heart! Surely she made my day too. So what do you meditation can make you a better person, provided you accept some form of discipline: sitting down can be difficult and even painful, but you will gain in Growth Hormone, Melatonin and many more soft-focused hormones. You will also gain a smile on your face, and a sparkle in your eyes! Suffice to say, it will make you calmer, calmer and calmer.  

Should you wish to join any moving meditation practices, there are many now popping up here and there. Moving meditation is an expressive free flow of body movement and is usually called Dance Therapy and Body expression.... through meditation. To celebrate, Dance, Life, Mindfulness, Conscious Lifestyle, Meditation and Yoga we sourced a nice little piece of video prepared at the Yoga Tree in Chiang Mai , Thailand.Interested in our DancEnergetics Sessions here @ Healing Mudras, let us know.


Love & Light