Open Letter to the Universe #2

Dear Universe,

How are you today on this new moon and Chinese Calendar Year? Beautiful moon! Last year around March we wrote to you a first Open Letter, opening our heart to you as we know from soul that you are a good listener so now I am here to thank you again and give you some updates.

Much occurred since we last wrote to you.  I bet you have been listening to us have you? I bet you did! Since then we encountered many synchronicities which lit up our path on our soul searching, our way home. We lost a few friends on the way! They made their way far to fast back to stardust. We lost also a number of certainties, as though certainties are meant to rise and die like a night butterfly, temporarily flying in and out of our space. So you know it's been a tough year and a rewarding year. A year during which de-cluttering of our living, mental and emotional space has been quite sustained and revitalising. yes rejuvenating even in challenges we find great joy at making it work out.

We also took great care at re-energizing our healing practice. Giving it more tone and more intention, as well as reviewing our well-wishing goals. In this we also found great joy, because we  found our way to the simplest, minimalistic,  zen mindset: let it flow, be quiet, be still and be clear in your intention. Our sign is Buffalo, so you know we know a little about perseverance. New we noticed a few things since 2013 started, it seems to us though the roller coaster has kept a steady pace without though the effort of rolloing it, if you see what I mean. Is that you Universe, coming to support our perseverance?

You see, in my life one word I hardly use is "sacrifice" probably because I do not really stick to a strict religious dogmatic view of perceiving the reality. I rather use action words such as "perseverance" or as per the good old water buffalo, moving slowly and steady. One thing is sure we have found our destination. Thank you for that. Surely you must have read our scribbles on here and there. We were writing a bit last year, as usually very frankly and we even shared with you the fact that a few things had to manifest quite precisely:

- A destination for our soul, our studio, our growth;
- An unfolding of exploring new friendships, partnerships, and relationships;
- A coaching course for strengthening and sharpening tools we already acquired;
- Make good use of the richness of the experiences from several past lives;
- A firmer and fertile soil for our studio;
- Supportive mutual partnerships;
- Protection and learning curve for my daughter.

Soul, this is a Final Call,
Ready to Forego Anything to Follow Soul Call
Readu to let Go of Any Resistances Still Holding
Time, Space and Dimension Hovering
Listening, Acting, Guided, and Following Bliss More than Ever
Here & Now & Forever
Here & Now, May It Be
Soul, Did you Hear me Well?
The matter is Here & Now
Ready to leave behind all un-necessary loads,
Carrying Only Heart-beats of Soul Connections,
Purest Light, Sounds, Absence of Words, Vibrant Emptiness,
Heart-filling Void,
Before You set your rays on the Indian Ocean,
May You Sun, Take with You my Final Call,
Rise Tomorrow in Shining Light tomorrow with us on the other side,
Where the wind blows, where the waves caress our feets,
Where the horizon soothes our eyesight,
Where our prayers become reality in the blink of an eye,
No more separation only Oneness,
The Final Call is genuine,
Listen well, it is intuitive and anticipates all forthcoming,
We need you to make it Happen,
Here & Now,
In Pure Love

Nothing matters to us more than Pure Love at this moment, vibrant stillness, tingling emptiness and shining light of Pure Love. As we recognise the symptoms, we are celebrating the bonding, the listening, the healing. We know already physical dimensions are restrictive and soul dimensions are expanding. Now we come to you and explicitly put in your hands our prayer for a beautiful fusion of physical and soul dimensions as only you can create. We are co-creators with you on this one!
As we bow at your magnificence, we put our Soul Final Call in your hands, and ask may you join your loving heart to our hands and set light on our path. We are way showers and so we want to remain,   Now we ask, may you bring us angels and allies on our way as in our most grandest vision.

In Pure Love,