Be Your Authentic Self

Reclaim your identity, reclaim your true self, be authentic. You got pretty much nothing to loose and much to gain. Being authentic will make your heart shine like a beautiful amethyst quartz, shining through the vibration of your energy being.

Tell your story to yourself first. Hear the words you are using, listen to your inner voice, let your heart guide you, let your intuition be your ally and trust. The shift occurring is not about destruction. It is about energy waves which are making us closer to those we have to be with. Those souls that matter in our life.on earth, then we find synchronicity as w go along. We find those meaningful events, encounters, facts, conversations that are simply reminders that our source field is one and our connectedness is also one.

Here an excellent quote encouraging you to be authentic. Be love and love those around you and tell them when you know it is authentic.

Love & Light

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