The Consciousness Drive

Our cities have become a sea of cars and in Asia, an Ocean of cars and motorbikes. Everyone sitting in their fancy cars, showing off air conditioned seating and flashing lights. Some can drive others attempt to move around... Let's just put it this way. Our shops are full of harmful anti-bacterial based products, colouring, super sugary fluffy taste breads and cookies and  bleached pasta and the same. Wash your hair with chemically dipped herbs, and hope to keep healthy and kicking by the time the busy will start giving signs of being fed-up of heavy metals. We are in 2013 aren't we? By now we should know certain things shouldn't we?  Can we make resolutions for 2013 that will change the way we see our contribution to the well being of life on earth? Conscious choices are needed!

What are they? First of all choices that are made with the intention of preserving life, embracing togetherness of life, people, nature and energy, and connecting to higher purposes. Secondly cinscious choices are made with unconditional love. Do the action for the sake of the action and connection. Lastly, conscious choices also celebrate a form of spirituality that lightens up the heart-vibration and connects with higher forms of life. what does this all mean  is that with heart-centered consciousness life becomes more people-friendly, more compassionate, more peer-to-peer supportive and sharing is the way.

Are you ready ? We certainly are and we are making clear intentions to assist you in making conscious choices... So stay tuned we will open a series of posts that will bring conscious choices to a next level. We also invite you to share your own creations on this path and invite guest writers to post here. We hold the space for you !!!!

May you have a conscious year 2013!