Power of Limes

January the famous month of detox. Today I'll share with you again something about lemons and limes. Limes are known to be very good for health. In some past articles I wrote a lot of using lemon, to detox, to loose weight, to burn fats and to make your diet more alkaline. Now I'd like to share with you a quick tip to make use of limes at medium and long term and use it also for medicinal purposes.

Here's the tip.

Take an airtight container and put in enough (raw, washed and not-peeled) limes to fill in the container, as in the picture below cut them in slices; add some honey, around a third of the volume, add some sliced ginger about a tenth of the volume and close the recipient. Place the container in the fridge. after a week or so,there will be a jammy-jelly. Whenever needed take a spoon of that jelly, pour some lukewarm water and drink.

This remedy is powerful for sore throats but also as a mild detox (lemon) , energiser ( lemon + honey) and digestive.