My Vegan Raw Energy Balls Experience

I decided to take a Vegan Raw Food Workshop as the last day of the year 2012. The day was free of yoga commitments, the sun was perfectly blue and the air fresh as it could be in Northern Thailand at the end of the year.  Accompanied by a true  Vegan Raw Food Cook and we were set for a nice day of sharing and tasting of course. We prepared energy balls, avocado soup, raw organic chocolate balls,  vegan crackers and a pie! We tasted a lot of food and got out from the house with a good dose of healthy energy.

Here I share the Energy Balls recipe as you don't need a dehydrator for that. For the crackers you do need one. Alternatively you could use your oven at very low temperature.

- Energy Balls: Ingredients for about 25 balls
- some sweet basil
- 300 grams of cashew nuts (un-roasted of course)
- black sesame 20 gr
- sunflower seeds 20 gr
- a bit of salt

Blend all the ingredients together.  and then rolls the balls by first putting some oil in your hand and then a small portion of mixture, then roll and place in a bowl.  Tasty delicious balls ready to eat!

To make delicious Raw Chocolate Energy Balls

You will use a similar process of blending with Raw Chocolate that you will grind, a bit of honey and a spoon of coconut oil. You can substitute brown sugar to honey but you can make it without oil otherwise it won't stick together!.

Here a picture! Guaranteed to taste luscious!
 And to make it even more inspiring  here a nice juicy picture of Raw Organic Chocolate Beans from Bali!


Have a Deliciously Conscious Year 2013!