January 2013 Newsletter

We never watch TV - cable was cut off four years ago. However we recently saw in a special news report, while staying at a lodge in Thailand, presenting the initiative of a group of conscious journalists in Greece and called "Ola Kala" which in greek means "all is good". This is quite symptomatic of the need to turn around the flow of bad news coming through mainstream channels. Greece has been a dark spot for the past few years and people are feeling the effects of the bad energy economy, frustrations, depressions and other ailments are increasing. The group set up this new website (for the moment only available in Greek) with the conscious intention of spreading Only Good News.
Butterflies, nature wonders, and other good things our Earth and conscious people are thriving to keep up-to-date!. This is what is needed and as the Earth has marked its entrance in a new evolutionary cycle called the Age of Acquarius we do expect to see more of this type of initiatives to be around us. As a matter of fact you could be the one staring something like that. As the era of corporate initiatives are also completely shifting and networking as well as cooperation wil lfind new paradigms to be based upon. To give you some more specific updates on Healing Mudras services please read below. For personal updates, I am happy to share with you that I am now finalising a Personal Empowerment Coaching course with a professional coach, based in Thailand, Hua Hin and Founder of Uh Yah Tal Empowerment Foundation and am about to start a Professional Empowerment Coaching Course to master even more technical skills for my -still tiny - social enterprise. In this sens i am happy to inform you that as part of my course I am now in a position to offer you a Free Empowerment Consultation with my professional coach. A free session that would focus on your vision, a particular issue you may have or other empowerment topics of your concern. Contact me for more details. Welcome January 2013 !!! 

Schedule of Activities:

Gentle Yoga Classes

Wednesdays 8.30 - 10 Am - Yin Yoga for all January 2013
Yin Yoga is soft, deep and very good for beginners and focused on breathing and gentle movements.
50,000 Kip drop in
Reiki Treatments & Lifestyle Coaching: By appointments only
- Monday 21st January 11.am - 2.30pm
Part 2 of Conscious Lifestyle Workshop - Conscious Eating, Balanced Diet and Detox - More info by email Fee: 250,000 Kip 
- Saturday 26th January 10.30 am-3.30pm
Resident Guest Artist Paris Legakis, offers his facilitation skills to guide you through creating your own piece of art jewerly. Paris Legakis has a Master in Fine Arts who focuses on the social aspect of art. In his art-works he questions the role of art today and he approaches public art as a way for social and urban change. In his master degree ‘Public Art and New Artistic Strategies’ he devised the concept I.T.I (Irregular Temporary Interactions) and his own ‘mass choreography’ process. He combines jewelry with performance as an expressive method that can reveal different perspectives of everyday life.  - He will put his talent and skills at service to guide you through a lively workshop! In the workshop the participants will be provided sufficient material for the creation of one jewel (max. 3 semi-precious stones). The basic material that we will use is analergic bronze and semi-precious stones. Investment: 250,000 Kip

- Healing Kitchen - TBC - Mid-Jan 2013
We are partnering again with Dimple Arora an ayurvedic nutritionist who introduced us to Ayurvedic Cuisine and eating lifestyle earlier this year 2012. This time we won't host another workshop rather we offer you to attend her Healing Kitchen workshop in Bangkok with a suprise Discount up to 10 %. During the workshop you will learn the basics of ayurvedic cuisine and even taste some delicious pieces of meal!

- WIG BAZAR February 2d 2013
Visit us a the WIG Bazar on Saturday 2d February with new jewelry, greeting cards and ayurveic spices.
- Yoga Daniel Intensive Workshop 15-17 February 2013
YOGA DANIEL -12 Hours of practice for beginners & advanced as this will be a workshop browsing from yoga to meditation.We already have 4 registrations! If you do so before 15 January 2013 and pay 50% in advance you get 10 % discount....