Cold Soup - Vitamin Boost

The following recipe is for a Cold thus Raw Soup equivalent to a Vitamin Bombshell.... A boost for your system that will just freshen up your skin and your digestive system.

- 1 Avocado;
- 3 small tomatoes
- Salt + cumin + anise
- Spinach
- Coconut water
- Olive Oil

Peel off the avocado and put in blender then add: the 3 small tomatoes, washed spinach, some salt one large spoon of olive oil, the water of one coconut and blend everything very smooth and creamy!
We love it !!!

- Wash off the spinach with a bit of water added with some plain vinegar;  the vinegar will kill the bacteria;
- never eat the white heart of the tomatoes: it contains uric acid ( the same you get when drinking too much white wine) so either cut it off or buy small tiny tomatoes that do not have white hearts.

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