Take Advantage December 2012

December 2012 is upon us and that is really good!  A famous month, for a much expected Winter Equinox. Whether you like it or not, December 2012 is here with most of its predictions actually coming well through. The end of a world and the beginning of a new world are being triggered by world wide events, stimulating our spiritual nature and re-energizing our connection with Mother Earth. You may or may not have noticed how weather patterns are increasingly random and erratic and how storms are much stronger than what they used to be. It maybe called climate change
but is certainly due to intense and successive Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Flares (ejections from solar plasma), the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) is also discharging energy and disrupting, GPS, and Telecommunications. Astronomers and astrologers will be more than ever watching the sky and its fabulous planets as this month also mark quite a few significant alignments of planets with Giza pyramids in Egypt something that has not occurred since the times of the Pharaohs, and eventually on December 2012, the alignment of the Sun, the Earth and the center of our Galaxy which has not occurred in 26,000 Years. What I found fascinating in reading about the Mayan calendar is not the predictions per se which was interpreted as an end of the world, but rather the fact that as skilled astronomers, the Mayans were able to calculate with only a few seconds of gaps, the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipses up until December 2012 without any technological instruments. Spectacular auroras should be seen in Northern Hemisphere Countries in case you are over there, please enjoy on our behalf.  For us, humans on Earth, many people feel while others are still getting used to changes of the Earth axis, yes, you may not be aware but in the past three months there have been more Earthquake of intensity superior to Richter scale 5 than in the past 5 years. The axis of the Earth has moved and intense earthquake only occur after other earthquake already happened. Some people are sensitive to this, other not. No matter in which category you stand, your body, as an energy being, feels it and adapts to it. So, many have been feeling, releasing toxins, cleansing, or simply a heightened need to detox, get rid of old habits and engage in new behaviours which are more heart-centered and less ego-centered.
At Healing Mudras, we are always tuned in, we read, we network and we attempt to contribute a lot to mainstream of new type of information on what is now called 'conscious attitudes" Meaning, mindful and respectful  and positive and earth-friendly. Consciousness is what guides us, and conscious choice are now more than ever needed to co-create a better earth. 
How can you take advantage of the Winter Equinox? There will certainly be a release of a lot of junk with this Winter Equinox, so take your chance and do the clearing. In many parts of the world (such as Stonehenge in the UK) there are Equinoxes celebrated to a great extend both in June and in December. This one is a bit peculiar as we know it is part of the Mayan Calendar prophecy for a better world birthing in 2013.

So our suggestion here is as follows: 
Take a piece of white paper, no colours, no lines, no drawing: 

- Make a long list what you no longer want to attract in your life; 
- In the list make sure you point out at very specific things also; 
- Make the list as long and realistic as possible; 
- Be bold and straightforward while keeping a sense of reality; 
- Include things that you really do not longer serve your purpose; 
- Make a second list with what you wish to attract into your life;
- What would make you really happy in many realms of your life;  
 Put put both lists aside aside in a closed container somewhere you only know where it is and what it contains. Find some sage, dry it out and keep it aside for using it. 
On December 20th review your list and make adjustments as necessary. You probably will have thought about few things and now is the time to amend the list. 
Have two bowls ready in which you will be able to easily fit some ashes. (Yes you are going to burn the lists) 
Take the dried sage and use 2/3 leaves to mix them with  the list of un-wanted stuff and smashed them all together, make a ball.  Do the same with the list of your wishes with some sage thrown in it. 
You will burn these two balls and keep the ashes separated in two bowls or other containers, may be a good idea wol dbe to label them so you know which one is which. 
Find a place that is calling you, a river side, a forest, a window, the sea , a place where you are yourself.  Throw the ashes of un-wanted things far away in front of you while stating to yourself, go away, and never to return I now clear these all from my life. Do the same with the ashes of the list of the wishes while stating to yourself: Go and bring back my deepest wishes I am now allowing the universe to receive the many blessing from my wishes. 

Feel the sensations and let it go. 

This is potent once the intention is there and carries you in the process. It can de-clutter your life to the point of renewing yourself completely. 

Try it out! We wish you the best, always!