The New Start is Upon Us

Has been asked so here a general update. Sharing also a Video I highly recommend, it is level headed and very simple, user-friendly!!! Enjoy and Love to all!

The next 3 days are invaluable & as part of an impressive cosmic shift will not be reappearing for the next several millennium. So we better make the most out of it.Why? It is called a choice point because the shift refers to the end of a 26,000 yrs cycle and the beginning of a new one. There is only one end the world itself  not of course rather the end of a descending cycle and the beginning of an ascending one. Remember history classes with so-called "era" and unfolding of movements, technologies, species in fauna, flora and intellectual, emotional, spiritual waves of thinking and doing and also astrology and theology and the same? We are at one of this 'era' shift it is nothing of a new age mombo jambo it is a real passing and meeting and alignment of planets, sun, earth, moon, Sirius in the center of the milky way . All astronomers and astrologers will co firm that. The Mayan and many more traditional and ancient civilizations had calculated this and marked it as an end of an era, a time of choice and coming to a changing cycle. No end of anything dramatic, just a flow of energy from a different kind. The winter equinox as the summer equinox are always invaluable cosmic times tides are stronger, light is at either maximum or mi i um so there is absolutely nothing to fear. Actually fear-based attitudes and thinking are much easier to manipulate and control than heart based and loving kind ones. Hence mainstream media circulating and laughing about it. Others making hard decisions based on this, others attempt to their life.... what is the meaning and the tips i and ma y others can give for the three days ahead: Celebration- CELEBRATION .. heart based celebration, meditations with the intent to consciously move away fro all past negative chain reactions, wishing is not enough , consciousness is energy and energy can alter the water molecules so bring in more than wish, bring in pure consciousness of love and heart-based appreciation. This is the beginning of a new form of life...we all alive should be feeling blessed to be here at this time. If u feel down releasing the toxins of the past CELEBRATE...It is called choice point because from a consciousness stand point this is time of powerful new beginning.... letting go of past and marching intentionally into something new, choose fear based, stay there; choose love based join the critical mass; so more body-mind - universe connection . More synchronicities, more energy into life and the absence of time-space -dimension.... quite fascinating.... PM me if u want more tips...... as for us we shall be sleeping over in a night train..... so see nothing to fear...all to be fun!!!