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Yoga Daniel Experience the Roots of Yoga
A Unique Opportunity
To Tune into Essence of Yoga

When yoga came to the west in the late 1800s and early 1900s its spiritual essence was minimized to make it palatable to the western audience. It was then heavily influenced by dance and gymnastics before it incarnated into the many forms of bodywork we call yoga today.  Daniel was interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga and was not satisfied with what he found in the studios of Europe. He therefore went to India, where after a long and arduous journey, he found a genuine tantric yogi in the Himalayas who initiated him into the esoteric and deeper aspects of tantric Hatha Yoga. A decade has passed since then and Daniel has continued his traditional training in India while sharing his experience with aspirants all over the world.  Daniel's intention is to make the traditional teachings of tantric Yoga and meditation available to the modern yogi and help them integrate it with the useful practices that has developed since yoga came to the west.  To address the needs and desires of the modern yogi Daniel developed Surya and Chandra Yoga. Through these you can build the foundation needed to grasp the subtle and meditative yoga taught by his Guru and transcend the modern postural yoga towards a more traditional practice that truly integrate body, mind and spirit 

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Mini Workshop

Friday 16 Nov. 2012: 6pm to 7.30pm
Saturday 17 Nov.2012: 9am to 10.30am

1 Class:  50,000 Kip
2 Classes: 80,000 Kip

Limited Space Available - Make Sure you Do Not Miss it.


(Please state if registering for 1 or 2 Classes)

Location: Healing Mudras – Wat Nak near New Arena Gym Complex
Map for directions upon Registration. 


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