The Archangels' Wisdom

One thing I always denied was to have a soul. Yes I am humble and direct. For most of my life I have grown as a Atheist and have never been interested in God, Angels, and all the chat that comes with them. I would also say, no God from any religion. Actually I dismissed the word religion from my consciousness. I simply found it restrictive, dogmatic, imposing and certainly hiding truths. This brought me easily to be influenced by Eastern Philosophies, Anthropology and Cultural Studies of shamanism and traditional systems of beliefs.
I had been brought up as a Catholic with a bit of resistance as I always thought those stories were "kinda weird" but went along with the wave as a good Italian. At 17 I had made up my mind and declared myself as a full atheist. Not negative simply I said there is something else out there it's not God it's something else. So I came close to quantum physics and Eastern Philosophies. My first travel to the East was in Thailand in 1981 and indeed revealed my inner connection with buddhism, that I declared as a freedom philosophy. You are your own creator  of your life of your karma. Nobody gives you anything. and so I started to practice Zen meditation because it is minimalistic! Then 18 years later came Reiki and its core message "your life is in your hands" ! And here I was with my hands and my life in it, re-shaping completely my reality.  I became a Reiki Master Teacher after 9 years of sustained practice, and here I was sitting in my beloved master temple in Bangkok, being attuned and becoming a RMT.

Not that I denied synchronicity here! I would not even reach the thinking stage of not thinking of synchronicity!  My Reiki Master was indeed a former Korean Zen Nun who had spent 12 years in silence and had become a Reiki Master Teacher through lineage with William Rand but was teaching independently. She also started to talk about Angels and Archangels. The only think that I resisted a little bit. I thought of the in congruence of her heritage coming close to archangels but she was so lovely and loving-kind that I went with it saying to myself I am here for the Reiki anyhow so then when I teach up to me to add the Archangels and Angels or not! She is so knowledgeable about Buddhism, meditation and healing that forget about the Archangels story. 

Now I am here, two years later, having completely transformed my life, opened a Studio, having clients and students, holding talks on Buddhism, bio-energy, practicing yoga, wrote an eBook about 2012 and changes and shift, meditating ZaZen and producing my own line of energy products from jewelry to cards and spices and talking about Archangels. What happened! It happened that a shift is occurring and i cam closer to my soul. I cannot denied having had past life recalls at many points in my life where for instance I saw myself as a Buddhist young boy in a Tibetan monastery, or even as a worked on Hathcespout Temple in the Valley of the Gods in Egypt; I also had empathic dreams, and came close to predictions of events. I married a Muslim, divorced and now can write Allah in black chinese ink calligraphy! I love Sufis and then this little thing happened. Now this subtle little thing that occurred to me one day when a student of mine gave me a Reiki treatment, was simply so strong that I had to ask her to teach me to work with Archangels and Angels.

Then, as the brain wants its own confirmation, I gave a treatment to a friend of mine and told her also Hey I am going to call Archangel Raphael he is the Healing master so stay tuned... And at the end of the treatment she told me having seen this green light coming through her crown and showering her. Here i was, on the spot! I need to work with Archangels. There are here !

So now that I have become familiar with their presence, I am working with them and I recalled the whole story above! I reconnected with my soul completely! I am healed!

I bought last night my first Kindle eBook and it was Doreen Virtue Archangels and Ascended Masters and guess what I noticed my first book on the Reading recommendations is Synchronicity !

 It is all simply synchronised and reconnected!