Ten Reasons For Creating Your Own Project

I used to have a job, working in a multi-cultural environment, in four continents. Now I work in one country, created my own project and work alone, at least most of the time.  I realised how good it is to be your own boss and here some of my humble opinion:

1. Being your own boss is equivalent to feeling empowered, to be free and decide what is good for your business;

2. Teaming up with people you wish to team up with and not being imposed a team;

3. Pass over challenges as a way to empower rather than as a way to get  judged for your performance;

4. Chose your direction, your products, your logo, your label and what comes with it;

5. Feel good to work on your stuff, not being imposed schedules and timelines and opt for flexi-hours anytime you wish for;

6. When you work on your own project , your project reflects your passion, your aura, your voice, it becomes your ally. I am not saying that this cannot happen while you work for a company you do not own, but surely the shift is much  more invaluable when you work for yourself;

7. Get your lessons learned from your inner wisdom and not from the judgement of others on what you are doing good and not. This part at least for me is invaluable. Maybe because I am a free-spirit, i never really liked people coming to me and say this is the standards of the organisation so you need fit in. Especially if someone was rude at you! So now I am applying my own discipline and I like it much better.

8. You choose your learning track, you decide which additional training you need, based on your needs and you risks zone and go for it!

9. Get your work life balance together without  having to ask anyone!

10. Get the rewards of your creation 100 % back to you....

Humble, simple and as usual my style!