Reiki, Cosmic Shift and Mayan Prophecy.

Today is 11 November 2012 - or 11/11/2012 which in numerology makes it a 9, a divine number of communication. Today also marks the beginning of a 40 days countdown to Winter Equinox of 2012, the famous Mayan Prophecy Equinox. A cosmic shift is occurring and there is little need to explain in details what this shift is about.   AT least to the critical mass of conscious beings who have tuned into the cosmic energies since the beginning, this date 20/12/2012 marks the birth of new earth. The tip point of no-return in terms of consciousness: the past is certainly the past and a new form of earth is about to be given birth.

As March 9th, and 28 October 2011 were dates mentioned in the Mayan Calendar to have huge influence on the cosmic energies, so is 11/11/2012 which also marks a day when a strong earthquake affected northern part of Myanmar.

If you read the prophecy and related literature you also know a bit about the fact that cosmic energy will enter your vibration if you are willing to. Nothing will be pushed on you at least in terms of consciousness. Now for what regards structural changes, establishments, corporations and even tectonic moves, all belonging to the transformations of Pluto in Capricorn (Pluto/destruction/regeneration - and Capricorn earthy knowledge and grounding forces, we cannot ignore the fact that a cycle of 26,000 Years is ending and a new one is beginning. You are BLESSED to be given a chance to live this. It won't happen before long! So wold like change to occur with you in it or without you and in which ways, is a matter of choice.

It is important in times of changes to remain centered and aligned and you can for instance choose to commit to some form of meditation that you feel connected with at this point in time.
Some co-creators suggested a "Guru Kriya" meditation which uses the beautiful Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita Shabad, which can be downloaded using this link:

When the EMF ( electro magnetic field) changes, things accelerate, and not everyone will be in a position to stay centered in the old way, there will be an increased amount of people searching for spiritual means, healing techniques and the same,others will just skip the energy. Those who skip and those who don't skip will surely have two different realities. A few years back we wrote a short eBook about this shift. The eBook comes in two versions, one longer version with an introduction on Reiki as a Natural System of Energy Healing and a shorter version that does not have that introduction but that only focuses on giving tips on how to handle change and transitions.  The eBook is available at Lulu.com or by email to us directly.

Mayan Elders have been called by many authors, searched and interviewed and the resonance of their words is always the same: one form of world is ending, another one is being come to life. Some will go a bit crazy, others have been preparing themselves. One thing is sure and maybe you have experienced it already: reality just got faster and faster and things seems to occur at very speedy pace.

Pamela Miles is a long term Reiki Master living and practicing in NYC, she recently met Mayan Elders. Read about her interview and smile ...

Our suggestion is: tune into your essence and your own vibration , stay centered, use meditation as a way to enhance your intuition and trust in the Universe.