About My Yoga Practice

Daily Yoga Self-Practice for at least 60 minutes helped me uncover a special language between my body, my inner-self and yoga itself. One would say this is pretty obvious to which I would respond not really! Because Yoga is not about your ego and your perfected pose - Asana - and it is neither a gymnastic exercise for stretching and flexibility, in my case it has been a humbling exercise of asking on a routine daily basis to my  body:
Body what it is that you need to get back to shape and flexible as you used to be and flying high ( and low)? My body responded through  my intuitive self and everyday for the past 13 months I practice every morning listening to my body. So the conversation went from highs to lows but one thing is sure is that we never had arguments! My body and muscle memory knows it all and even now allows for some stretching of limits.

Mind you I am not aiming at doing sequences of Asanas one after another - I simply practice yoga, the roots, the basics, the foundations. No Asanas, only breathing and flexibility. The body knows it all! No exceptions! Now after  one year of daily humble practice I can say: do not expect Yoga to be your ally unless you are an ally of yourself first. In other words you need to give something to get it back even if you have a flexible body you will need to move on stability and straighten your posture. I simply need to get to the posture the other way round. and I love it. ! My body loves it too.

On this very personal note, I wish you the best for your yoga pratice!