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 Our Guest writer Aman Anand is back this week with another article on Ego Vs Soul.  Up to her to be on stage!

 Welcome Back to My World Of Infinite Possibilities ! A gateway to living an empowered, joyous and MAGNIFICENT reality where we started discussing on ego Vs soul.

Hope we are all inspired and staying positive and optimistic about our dreams, desires and life path as we approach the end of the year; thus looking forward to a bright, joyous, and exciting 2013 bringing us endless goodies as a reward for our constant dedication and perseverance to keep going, no matter what.

Past few months seem to have been extremely challenging for many of us because of the 2012 shift and the influence it has had on us emotionally, physically and mentally. But no matter where we are, what we are doing and what we have gone through the doors to infinite possibilities, wisdom and intelligence are always open and success, prosperity and abundance is always ours; the key is to stay kind and gentle towards ourselves at all times trusting that life is always here for all of us, no exceptions.

It's been an amazingly wonderful and challenging year for a person like me who was born and bought up in a conservative and protective Indian family where i was not allowed to go to out alone after evening or enjoy the luxury of having a night stay at a friends place even during college.  And 6 months back I to gave  myself the best gift of my life- the freedom to travel alone without any mission or destination in mind to be able to free myself from the fears, conditioning and labellings that I was tied to being a woman and have the time and space to discover my own true reality and identity. 

It's amazing to see how most of us see ourselves through the mirror or opinion of others and live most of our life based on other people's expectation out of us which we call the social conditioning. Because of our fear based and limited thought processes and belief systems  we start disconnecting ourselves from the universal energy and thus our own true nature. In today's world where our true identity is measured more by our profession, how much we earn, what kind of house do we live in and what kind of possessions are we capable of acquiring, it is challenging to give ourselves a chance to realise what makes us feel good and inspires us to live a more joyful life. Our education system has become more of a place for competition than a space which nurtures and polishes our true talents and abilities. The  measure of a child's worth is equal to how much he scores, how may extra curricular activities does he participate in and what would he become when he grows up . No one really questions our existence and the uniqueness of our being.

Who are we? Why are we here? What makes us sing, dance and live a joyful reality?what inspires us to live a more enriched life? Surely we all have our own talents and abilities, skills that we inherently posses and acquire on the way, but is that all?

I believe that we are all born as magnificent DIVINE creations and the true key to wisdom, knowledge, joy and good health lies only and only within us. But the feeling of disconnection from the self, universal energy and all creation separates us from that part of us which is all loving, all knowing and all joyous. We start operating more out of fear than out of faith and love. And when we operate out of fear we tend to build emotional walls around us to protect ourselves;  we constantly judge our own selves, our lives, our families and others around us; we find it difficult to communicate our true feelings and desires with our own family and loved ones  because we feel we would not be understood; we hoard things only and only for our own selves because we do not trust that we will always been taken care of and we compromise with our own nourishment to spend hours working for companies and organizations for whom there is no difference between a machine and a human.

However, the truth of life is that we all come from the same source and go back to the same source, and no matter how many walls we build around ourselves and where we go in this world we are still united, connected and one with the universal energy and all  creation.  It's just our mind and our thoughts that create the feeling of disconnection. But if we look closely people everywhere are the same and desire the same thing in life which is unconditional love and acceptance and a healthy and well - nourished life. 

The Ego says that I am separate from you and this world and the soul says that ME, YOU and everything and everyone around is a unique and significant creation of the universe. And why does the ego feel separate from the other creations because it does not feel connected to its own inner self and so it feels disconnected from the source which created it. However the soul is always all peaceful, all knowing and all joyous at all times, with or without.

The ego competes and the soul cooperates. The ego fights back and the soul simply trusts and radiates peace and thus through its radiation changes the entire manifestation. When we operate out of ego, we act to fill the vacuum within us. The vacuum exists because we live in a world where we are made to do what ought to be done or what should be done or what is the in thing to do and not what is our true nature. In the process we never learn to accept and face our own selves, our own reality and our true feelings as they are. When we are so distant from our true reality we can never feel the joy emanating from within and thus never shine from within. All our actions our driven towards filling up that vacuum-a space which lacks joy and love and which wants To do things to prove our self worth. However the soul knows that since it has been sent on this earth and is always connected to the source that sent it here, so it will always be taken care of, no exceptions. And so it follows what flows from its heart, detaching itself from the outcome of results and rewards which eventually follow, because the vibration of love and joy has to attract love and joy in return, No Exceptions, which is what I call our soul purpose or divine calling.

I believe that our true mission on earth is to learn to love and accept our own selves exactly as we are and to learn to be at peace with our own reality at all times, no judgements ,no labellings. And since we are all vibration so if each one of us vibrate joy, peace and love for our own selves first, the energy spreads and radiates in all directions thus attracting and manifesting a similar world around us.

This week pick up at least one thing that you have always wanted to do but could never take out the time to do it and make it a priority to completely and fully live that which you choose. The joy that you will radiate from fulfilling your hearts true desire will help spread the joy all around you, wherever you go which will be YOUR best contribution to the world- living your hearts deepest desire and SHINING FROM WITHIN.

For me, i love to dance and create a space for other people to dance as well; so i am conducting at least one dance workshop this week along with finishing my first book. Stay inspired and inspire others, there is no one like you for YOU are a UNIQUE creation of this universe and GOD truly resides within YOU as YOU.

Love and fun